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Parenting online community YadaHome adds forums and groups

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 04 August 2008

Advertisement, an online community site specifically targeted at parents and grandparents, has announced the addition of groups and forums to its existing network of individual user profiles.  Soft-launched as a beta in May 2008, the site aims to provide both baby boomers and “Generation Jones” with an online venue where they can share their parenting wisdom and concerns.

The functionalities introduced turn YadaHome into a fully fledged social networking platform, that remains centred on on original user interface (UI) called “My Fridge”.  Ressembling a stainless steel refrigerator, My Fridge is a place where each user member can store and share photos, grocery lists, to do lists, calendars, recipes and personal blog entries.  Privacy settings are available to determine who can access the fridge’s different compartments.  Intended to create a domestic visual atmosphere, other applications on display include a bulletin board for messages, a TV which connects to the member's network and an interactive family dog.

Site founder and president Maurice McKenzie analyses the perceived gap in the market that led to the creation of the YadaHome, commenting that, "Parents want a site where they can easily store, retrieve and share information. They also want to connect and communicate with other parents in similar situations."  Grandparents are also part of the picture, he insists, voicing his recognition of the fact “that [they] remain actively involved in their grown children's and grandchildren's lives.” “We believe that we have created a refreshing and user-friendly take on the social web, providing a host of organizational, informational, entertainment and savings resources that create real value for our members", he concludes.

Since its initial public launching in May 2008, has attracted upwards of 1,500 members.

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