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Socialcast announces new features for intranet social networking platforms

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 04 August 2008


Whilst everyone is aware of social networks’ crucial importance as a marketing medium, their usefulness as an in-house management tool is sometimes overlooked.   Socialcast, a provider of bespoke corporate networks that aims to help its clients leverage this potential, announced today the addition of several new features to its Software-as-a-Service collaboration platform.

The new software is intended to improve on Socialcast’s previous technology’s ability to pool and disseminate employee knowledge and creativity.  With the platform’s assistance, project managers can hope to monitor ongoing projects and employee performance more closely, allowing them to better coordinate complex tasks and pilot them towards completion.

The new functionalities on offer include mini user profiles that higlight essential data (such as name, latest status post, connection, links to external services and co-worker’s contacts), as well as a worklog based on a micro-blogging format that enables users working on the same project to keep track of what their colleagues are doing.  A bookmarklet tool is available to allow employees to share their status updates and hyperlinks at all times, and a suggested contact directory is geared towards generating fruitful introductions based on community contributions and exchanges.

Chief executive officer of Socialcast Tim Young underlines the usefulness of intranet-based networking tools in the context of a multinational company, commenting that, “In today’s office environment, more employees are working remotely and collaborating with co-workers in different locations across the globe.  Our corporate social-networking platform is very robust and provides unique and useful ways for users to communicate with each other, further enhancing our offerings to customers."

Socialcast's clients include Hot Topic and Guitar Center.

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