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Video powered network launches to drive entertainment artists’ careers

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 01 August 2008


On most generalist professional networking platforms, the option to post a ‘live resume’ in the form of video footage promoting one’s skills to prospective employers can seem something of a gimmick.  For dramatic artists and entertainers however, user generated video is an invaluable tool, since it can enable them both to demonstrate their professional competence and to showcase their own singular creativity through uploading original content.  Such is the reasoning behind, a new video powered networking site conceived specially for those working or aspiring to work on the screen and stage.

The brain-child of entrepreneur and Internet talk show personality Robert Redstone, the new offering enables actors, singers and entertainers of all descriptions to upload their demo reels, tracks and portfolios, providing a one-stop online venue where casting directors, producers and directors can peruse new talent awaiting to be discovered as well as showcase their own previews and promote new releases.

The press release announcing the launch underlines that the site’s main innovation and advantage lies in its thematic focus.  Although video sharing sites are not fresh news, the wide-bore approach of giants such as YouTube or DailyMotion can make them cumbersome to use for the purpose of sourcing individual performances worthy of professional-standard scrutiny. aims to encompass the widest possible variety of entertainment genres, with a referencing system that currently features categories such as 3D animation, armature, entertainment host, make-up artist and "green-screen" effect.

An Internet talk show hosted by Robert Redstone is announced to promote the site.  It will be featuring selected members who will be called upon to display their talents and educate non-professional users about the realities of working in the show business.  Each episode will at first be available for streaming only before being re-issued as a podcast.

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