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Adobe launches real-time social application platform Cocomo

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 17 November 2008

Adobe launches real-time social application platform Cocomo


Adobe’s Cocomo launched for developers to build social applications via cloud computing

Software giant Adobe has today launched a new social network platform called Cocomo, which enables developers to add social functionality into web applications.  

Developers using Cocomo in conjunction with Adobe Flex can add features such as audio and video chat into existing applications or build new multi-player games within an application run using Adobe Flash Player or Adobe AIR.  Developers can add in real-time features such as data messaging, VoIP (voice over internet protocol), webcam, file sharing, text chat and contextual presence.

Eric Larson, director of marketing and product management at Adobe’s business productivity business unit comments, “In releasing Cocomo, we are making another leap forward towards enabling developers to deliver rich internet applications powered by Adobe platform technologies.  Cocomo extends our strategy to give developers the power to create rich real-time social applications that will change the way people communicate and collaborate with each other.”

Cocomo is supported through Flex’s hosted infrastructure, which Adobe say helps developers build “real time applications in a matter of days instead of months.”  Cocomo is also used in software from Adobe’s suit including Adobe Acrobat 9, Adobe Reader 9 and which provides end users with access to real-time collaboration within a PDF document.

Companies already utilising Cocomo include Acesis and Broadchoice.  Kevin Chesney, chief executive officer of Acesis says, “Cocomo allows us to rapidly include real-time collaboration features, with rich video and audio, within Acesis Medical Review, all while meeting the stringent security requirements.  Because we can rely on Adobe to manage and maintain the hosted servers for real-time communications, our engineering team can concentrate on developing and delivering new features that help doctors improve patient care and prevent medical errors.”

Through Cocomo, Yahoo! is enabling users to co-navigate Yahoo! Maps in real-time using their cursors, webcam and chat, they can also leave markers on the map and do ‘real-time whiteboarding’ over the top of the map.  Since launching, Yahoo! Cocomo Maps has attracted more than 9,900 downloads.

With the Cocomo and YouTube, users can simultaneously watch YouTube videos as a collective, and annotate the video whilst chatting with the rest of the group.  For each person in the group, Cocomo will fetch the video ID so that the user is streaming the video for themselves, as opposed to it being streamed via Cocomo.

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