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Samsung build dedicated social network Moms Like Us

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 05 November 2008

Samsung build dedicated social network 'Moms Like Us'

Advertising agency Cheil build ‘Moms Like Us’ social network for Samsung to promote Washers and Dryers

Global electronics company Samsung has officially launched its own social networking site to promote its range of Washers and Dryers.  The new site, called ‘Moms Like Us’ aims to celebrate “life, laundry and the pursuit of cleanliness.”

Peggy Ang, vice president of marketing communications at Samsung comments, “This is an exciting opportunity to launch a product line like this.  I’m amazed and delighted by the response to our Washers and Dryers.  It’s great to see both moms and dads alike interacting and sharing tips. I am very excited to see how the Moms Like Us network develops.”

Moms Like Us, which was built by international advertising agency Cheil, allows laundry-fanatics to swap tips, post and respond to messages, start their own sub-group and contribute to a wiki of laundry tips (or as Samsung are calling it, a ‘Laundry-pedia’).  Prior to the official launch, four mothers were chosen and received a new Samsung Washer and Dryer in exchange for them participating in the forum and sharing their thoughts and opinions with the community.

Cheil’s interactive creative director, Ann Marie Mathis, says that women often turn to their peer group when making purchase decisions and Moms Like Us will therefore play a valuable role.  Mathis comments, “Since they are already researching products online, and many times looking to blogs for guidance, we offered a solution that engaged real people using the products rather than just a product-focused destination.”

Moms Like Us also hosts a mix of produced and user generated videos and a photo library.  Since the site launched in beta in August 2008, it has gained over 20,000 members.

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