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Dedicated social media degree course launched by LSBU

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 16 December 2008

Dedicated social media degree course launched by LSBU


Dedicated course in social media launched by LSBU – BA Social Technology

London South Bank University (LSBU) has unveiled its new addition to the curriculum in the shape of a Bachelor of Arts in Social Technology.

The three year social media degree course, which LSBU say is the first complete undergraduate course in the subject matter, is run by the Faculty of Business, Computing and Information Management (BCIM).  LSBU explain that the BCIM is well placed to offer the Social Technology course as it seeks to provide the necessary skills in both business and computing.

LSBU comment, “This is a highly innovative undergraduate course leading to a BA (Hons) that allows you to study all aspects of the social uses and abuses of technologies such as email, chat, instant message, mobile phones, text messages, and online social sites like Facebook and YouTube.”

The Social Technologies BA will focus on how the use of social technology form part of the social and working structure of everyday life.  Course members will explore how such technologies are used as communication tools and will develop their own networks.  It aims to assist students in how they can manage and moderate forums, deal with social issues such as spamming and flaming, how to collaborate and build an online work force.

Over the course of the three year degree, students will study a variety of foundation units that will enable them to put social technology into context and practice.  Throughout the course, participants will be given an introduction to marketing and organisation behaviour, overview of online gaming, consumer behaviour in an online environment and webspace development.

In Year 1 you will study a variety of foundation units to provide a sound understanding of the field. Units will consist of introductory modules in computing contexts, an introduction to marketing and organisational behaviour, and an examination of games.

The first Social Technologies BA (Hons) begins in September 2009.

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