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Meebo unveils plans of new ad platform for Q2 2009

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 23 March 2009

Meebo unveils plans of new partner ad platform for Q2 2009


Real-time social enabler Meebo announces new partner advertising platform

Provider of real-time social solutions Meebo has today announced plans for the extension of its existing advertising platform across its partner sites.

Through the ad platform, Meebo’s advertising product expands to a 900x400 application where users can interact with advertiser’s content including video, games and quizzes.  Meebo says the ad product can also be used for widgets, product showcase’s or serve as a mini microsite.  

Meebo’s chief revenue officer Carter Brokaw says, “Meebo ads work for brand marketers by providing a platform that delivers an abundance of social actions that can be measured.  Our advertising partners will be able to extend their buys across our syndication network of tier-one content sites, social networks, entertainment sites, blogs and gaming partners. “

Meebo claims its ad platform offers click-through rates ten times the average of ads served on traditional social media sites with a 10% take-up on the ‘send to friend’ option on each ad product.

Brokaw continues, “Our syndication partners will increase their revenue potential because Meebo ads are highly engaging and integrated into the communication experience to drive actions.  The result is increased scale for social campaigns that deliver results for both marketers and partners.”

Meebo, which claims to reach over 45 million people monthly, chose the announcement to welcome Current TV,, CafeMom and others to its list of partner sites.  

“For some time now, the single most-requested feature on CafeMom has been instant messenger (IM),” said Paul Bannister, executive vice president at CafeMom. “We're excited to partner with Meebo to be able to add a great new element to the user experience, but also create another breakthrough way that advertisers can reach our powerful audience."

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