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YouTube and Google Maps launch environmental film project

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 28 April 2009

YouTube and Google Maps launch environmental film project


Google launch multiple distribution channel film project on World Environment Day

YouTube logoGoogle has unveiled a new joint project between two of its most popular properties; video sharing site YouTube and Google Maps.  The environmental film project aims to raise awareness about the ongoing concerns facing our planet by airing a full-length film exclusively on YouTube.

The 90 minute film by Luc Besson and Yann-Arthus Betrand will air in four languages, being English, French, Spanish and German on World Environment Day on 05 June 2009.  The film, ‘Home’ will also have its offline audience, appearing in select cinemas – both indoor and outdoor – around the world.  Those that prefer to be old fashioned and sit in front of the television have also been catered for, with the film being broadcast on global TV stations.

Mats Carduner, head of Google France and Southern Europe says, “Using this unique distribution model, one with a massive online and offline effort, the film creators are able to reach the widest audience possible. So whether you'd prefer to head to the theatres, watch it under the stars, or just stay put on the couch — the way you view ‘Home’ is up to you.”

Ahead of its debut on 05 June, the Home YouTube Channel will feature behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the film as well as interviews and other bonus footage.  Goole Maps plays its part in the project by adding ‘even more dimension, featuring specially created layers that shed more light on some of the material covered in the movie.’  Google Maps will also play a more functional role in directing interested persons to their local cinema showcasing Home.

Carduner continues, “Check out some of the spectacular footage in the Home YouTube channel, like the video of the Arctic world and its wild terrain that's essential to preserve.  Or the one of Los Angeles exclusively seen from the sky, giving us a new perspective of the cityscape at night.”

Visitors to the Home YouTube Channel are encouraged to leave their thoughts and video responses and share with their friends.`

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