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MyGamma translation tool opens door to minority mobile advertising market

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 19 June 2009

MyGamma translation tool opens door to minority mobile advertising market


BuzzCity launch MyGamma community led translation tool to reach mobile advertising’s long tail

Wireless community provider BuzzCity has unveiled its new translation service across its popular mobile social network myGamma.

The translation tool encourages myGamma users to expand the services into other languages by creating and coming to a community consensus on translations for myGamma messages and navigation.  MyGamma explain the service will be maintained via mobile wiki-style pages, and will be managed by a team of volunteer translators who will incorporate community feedback.

The translation beta was launched in April 2009, during which time it has increased the languages and dialects available to users from 14 to 77.  MyGamma point out that there are over 1400 registered translation that focus on African, Indo-Aryan and Austronesian languages.  

BuzzCity’s chief executive officer KF Lai says that the new communities that have been created as a result of the translation tool is evident to the fact that these communities are often ignored by other media.  He continues, “As consumers, they also represent a significant part of mobile advertising’s long tail.  The service is a real example of a community working to benefit its users.  We have been delighted with the response since it launched and look forward to its ongoing development – which will not only benefit the users directly but those wanting to reach them.”

BuzzCity point out that its advertising network will benefit greatly by having access to mobile users who have been unconnected to advertising content due to language barriers.  Re-inforcing the point, Buzz City says, “In addition to providing an effective channel to reach minority markets, which may otherwise be left untapped, the number of niche monetisation opportunities will also increase as more languages are added to the network.”

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