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Facebook introduces localised deals via its Places platform

STAFF (SOCIAL MEDIA PORTAL) - 11 November 2010

Businesses to offer exclusive deals to Facebook users via the social networks localisation platform


Social networking giant Facebook has unveiled the next step in its plans for online offline dominance.  Via its recently launched localisation platform Places, where Faceook users can ‘check in’ to a specific location and/or venue, its introducing means for those businesses to entice uptake.

Jon Fougner from Facebook’s product marketing team explains the new Deals service, “Starting today, local businesses will be able to offer you deals when you check in to their place on Facebook.  We launched Places to let you share where you are with your friends and see who’s nearby.  Now with Deals, you also can see what offers are nearby and share those deals with your friends.”

The deals will come from businesses directly and will range from individual deals for a discount, free merchandise, money off, loyalty rewards and friend deals when you and friends check-in to Places together.  Deals can also come in the form of money or goods to charity when users check in.

Some of the Deals in place for launch include:
  • Gap - Giving blue jeans to the first 10,000 customers to claim their deal
  • McDonald's - Giving $1 per customer to the Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • University of California at Berkeley - Letting football fans who check in form the human tunnel through which the players run
  • H&M - Offering 20 percent off

Other businesses will be able to set up a Deal from its Facebook page in the coming days and weeks, with functionality first being rolled out to 20,000 businesses in the US.  Other countries are to follow in the next few months.

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