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GaGa, Timberlake and Kardashian quit Facebook and Twitter for charity

Rachel Hawkes (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 29 November 2010

Alicia Keys organizes celebrity charity campaign to raise money for World AIDS Day

Lady GaGa, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys and other celebrities will be signing off social networking sites in a campaign to raise $1 million USD for charity.

The campaign, called Digital Life Sacrifice, is by Alicia Keys? charity Keep A Child Alive.  This ?social suicide? will begin from 01 December 2010, which is World AIDS Day; which celebrities refusing to sign back on until the entire million dollar target has been raised.

Keys is quoted as saying, ?It?s really important and super-cool to use mediums we naturally are on.  It?s so important to shock you to the point of waking up.  It?s not that people don?t care or it?s not that people don?t want to do something, it?s just that they never thought of it quite like that.  This is such a direct and instantly emotional way and a little sarcastic, you know, of a way to get people to pay attention.?

The celebrities involved have filmed ?last tweet and testament? videos, which will appear in advertising showing then lying in coffins that is to represent what the campaign calls their ?digital deaths.?

The BBC quote Leigh Blake president and co-founder of Keep a Child Alive as saying, ?We?re trying to sort of make the remark: ?Why do we care so much about the death of one celebrity as opposed to millions and millions of people dying in the place that we?re all from??

Blake also quotes of Lady GaGa, ?She?s got a very, very mobilized fan base and that?s beautiful to watch I think (and) she?s able to draw their attention to these issues that are very important, you know, and that people follow it and act.?

According to media reports, no celebrity that was approached to participate in the campaign by R&B superstar Keys refused.

Lady GaGa has more than seven million followers on micro-blogging site Twitter, and frequently posts updates and behind-the-scenes photos for her ?lil monster? fans.

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