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New social network launches for people with addictions

Rachel Hawkes (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 10 December 2010

Online community unveiled for addicts to give and receive peer advice anonymously

A new social network for people with a range of addictions has launched today.  Circle-in, which offers a discussion board, private messages or live chat rooms, is free for members to interact anonymously about their addictions and other issues.

Founder and president Frederic Watson Circle-in websitecomments, “Being a recovering alcoholic myself, I could have really used such a site during that unmanageable fifteen year period of my life.  Then maybe, just maybe, I could have gotten out of the vicious situation I was in at that time.”

Members of the community, which Circle-in is nicknaming ‘circlers’, can post in fifteen ‘circles’, including alcoholism, compulsive shopping, debt, depression, drug addiction, gamblers, obesity, sex addiction and smokers.  If there is not a thread relevant to a circler, they can make a suggestion to the community manager.

Talking of his motivation for setting up Circle-in, Watson explains, “I decided to start because I felt that not enough troubled people out there realize that they are not alone and there is help pt there for all of us.  Also, I kept seeing the same people at my support groups and very few newcomers.  That told me that there are lots of people who are alone and desperate and who need help before they consider taking their own lives.  Most of these individuals are reluctant to talk to friends or family about their issues.  This website may just change their mind.”

Banner advertising will soon be implemented across the site in order to help monetise it.  The Terms of Use of Circle-in restricts its members to being a US resident only.

Image credit: Circle-in website

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