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How people spend time online

Tim Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 08 May 2012

How people spend time online


Ever wondered how many people are online, where they hang out and what they do?  Well, this 'How people spend their time online infographic' by GO-Gulf takes a shot at cutting through the statistics.  

Jammed pack of statistics there?s plenty to choose from, maybe too many to pick out, but interesting nonetheless.  It highlights the equivalent of 30% of the world?s population is online spending time across search engines, social networks and more, that?s a lot people. And, it?s growing.  

Just a few caveats; not knowing when the infographic was created or published as far as we can see (and not published by go-gulf) means its not really shared what?s new and existing services are on the up such as Pinterest and Tagged.

In any case it, serves as a good indication. Enjoy.

How People Spend Their Time Online infographic

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