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Lidl more popular with students than Twitter

Tim Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 04 December 2012

Lidl more popular with students than Twitter


Retailer Lidl is more popular than Twitter amongst students according to The Beans Group survey

Retailer Lidl is the preferred choice for students above and beyond Twitter reveals the first The Beans Group Youth 100 survey.  The economy supermarket was voted by the National Union of Students as one of its 'Preferred Brands' in its 90th anniversary publication released this year; securing 61st place ahead of Durex, Twitter, and Asos who ranked 70th, 93rd and 94th respectively. 

Lidl logo"The results of this survey are very encouraging for us.  In the food retail space, we have a great deal to offer students whether it's job roles in our stores while they're at university, or on the graduate scheme once they've completed their studies, or simply by shopping with us,? comments Lidl Spokesperson Georgina Hall.

Given the economy and how people are being affected by the global financial situation, it?s no surprise that an economy supermarket places higher with students than social and luxury brands, as also echoed by Lidl. ?People know us for the great value we offer, which is what motivates students to start shopping with us. But it's the quality of the products that keeps them coming back to us and makes them life-long customers," continues Hall.

The NUS has revealed the top brands liked by students in its 90th anniversary publication released this year, listing other brands ahead of popular microblogging service Twitter.  The survey also demonstrates how student perceive technology brands with YouTube leading the pack amongst websites and apps, beating Google and Facebook with it being described in the survey as 'the essence of the online revolution.?

The Beans Group research includes research showing that 95% of students spend more than five hours a week on the internet - with 31% spending more than 20 hours.  Over 1,000 students aged 18-24 took part in surveys and focus groups this year that were used to collate data.  The surveys were aimed to discover what makes this youth market tick and the brands that do and don?t influence them on a day-to-day basis.   The survey not only gives an insight into what brands young people currently buy into, but how this may change as they develop upon leaving academia.

Lidl UK joined Facebook on 07/03/2011 (with 243 fans as of 04/12/2012) and has just 39 followers on its official GB Twitter account and joined the microblogging service on 30/09/2012. 

A free copy of the research is available from The Beans Group website.

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