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How are brands using Twitter for paid social media marketing?

Tim Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 01 February 2013

How are brands using Twitter for paid social media marketing?

Wishpond infographic shows how brands are using Twitter for paid social media marketing

wishpond infographic on the impact of Twitter on brands imageAn infographic has shed a little more light on how some brands are using microblogging service Twitter as part of their paid social media marketing activity. 

The infographic by wishpond shows five case studies from brands including Cadbury, Cirque du Soleil, Virgin America, LG and Porsche pulled from Twitter?s advertising case studies

Using metrics such as engagements, followers, new followers, hashtags, impressions and tweets, the infographic paints a positive view of the impact Twitter has for brands that have experienced successful activity.   For example, the infographic shows LG?s exclusive five-day treasure hunt to promote the Optimus L Series mobile phone used the account @LGTicketHunter pushing a promoted trend #LGTicketHunter.  The viral fuelled activity that included an experiential element encouraged entrants to win exclusive tickets to concerts from bands such as One Direction, Watch the Throne by entering the competition.

The hashtag was used to point entrants to a microsite, which featured an interactive  map of Britain. Tweets that were sent by entrants using the Promoted Trend hashtag #LGTicketHunter made the map zoom in.  By doing so, the secret location was gradually revealed and the first person to arrive and greet the @LGTicketHunter street team won the tickets.

Statistics pulled from Twitter shows how the simple buzz and inquisitive reveal mechanism produced 50,773 hastags mentions, 20 million impressions, 5,000 tweets per hour and 11,947 engagements.

However, for all of the success in this infographic, it may not always be the case and particularly for SMEs without a high enough spend or brand name, access to models such a Promoted Trends isn?t always possible.  For these businesses, it?s more creative activity and approaches that will need to be adopted to tap in to the success that Twitter could potentially bring. 

There?s no doubt that these advertising and marketing models will be opened up more by Twitter, but for now other brands and even SMEs can keep abreast what may be working across the microblogging service.  Indeed, they can take note how to modify what is currently available and what may be possible within other social environments by adopting an approach that suits them and their audiences.

The Impact of Twitter on Brands

The Impact of Twitter on Brands

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