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Symantec claims 40 percent of people use stolen data from old jobs

Tim Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 06 February 2013

Symantec claims 40 percent of people use stolen data from old jobs


Security company Symantec claims 40 percent of people intend to use stolen data from old jobs in its global survey

The Symantec report entitled ?What's Yours Is Mine: How Employees are Putting Your Intellectual Property at Risk? was conducted by The Ponemon Institute and examines the problem of intellectual property (IP) theft or abuse by employees in the workplace.  Researchers surveyed respondents from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, China and Korea and produced results based upon feedback from 3,317 individuals.

According to the report half of the employees that left employment in the last 12-months kept confidential, corporate data, thereby highlighting the need for businesses to keep a check on the potential threat/s from within.

Symantec logoLawrence Bruhmuller, vice president of engineering and product management at Symantec commented, "Companies cannot focus their defences solely on external attackers and malicious insiders who plan to sell stolen IP for monetary gain. The everyday employee, who takes confidential corporate data without a second thought because he doesn't understand it's wrong, can be just as damaging to an organization."

From businesses surveyed, only 47 percent say they take action when employees take sensitive information contrary to company policy.  Furthermore, 68 per cent said their business does not take steps to ensure employees do not use confidential competitive information from third-parties responsibility and accountability in protecting IP.

Surprisingly and quite shockingly, its the view that employees not only think it is acceptable to take and use IP when they leave a company, but also believe their companies do not care.  This analysis is supported by a post on the Symantec blog called ?The ?Frenemy? Within ? Insider Theft of Intellectual Property' which also gives pointers on how businesses can remain vigilant and safe.

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