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Will the Oscars be driven by social media?

Tim Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 24 February 2013

Will the Oscars be driven by social media?


As the digital temperature heads up as the hours draw closer, will the 85th Academy Awards be the most social media driven Oscars Hollywood has seen?

With the growth of social media over the last years, we?re seeing many major events being further highlighted in very different and creative ways across the globe. The Oscars certainly isn?t any different.  

Social media is a perfect channel to enhance and share events and they don?t get any bigger than the Academy Awards.  Celebrating its 85th year, there will be plenty of actors, movie fans, celebrity watchers, media not to mention the nominees will be waiting with bated breath for the Oscars ceremony.

The Oscars logoPredictions are great, they strive to confirm that monitoring, measurement and analysis thereof works.  Given other events such as the X Factor have been successfully predicted using social media, the channel is becoming a staple diet for prediction analysis.  

However, there are some events that although social media predictions are fun, interesting and provide great analysis - they can?t be accurate in their finality.  But, why is this?  Quite simply, when awards and similar events are not directly influenced by a wider audience, i.e. the general public by voting (and considering how the Oscars are actually chosen), it?s by its nature more difficult to predict.  Nonetheless, the results that predictions create are interesting all the same and no doubt will make an interest read in the days and weeks to come.

We?ve highlighted some of the best digitally charged resources aimed to keep global audiences connected to the Oscars making sure that they don?t miss a thing.  Ranging for partnerships with the Oscars themselves (e.g. Google?s Oscars), Oscar social media predictions (the Social Oscars data visualisation and the Social Oscars infographic) by Brandwatch and Sky?s live streaming.  

The below are just the tip of the iceberg, but a good place to start, and are of particular interest given these are now being described as the most unpredictable Academy Awards to date.

The social media driven Oscars: Academy Awards

Academy Awards
The Oscars Buzz
The Oscars app at and
The Oscars Blog

BBC Oscars

Social Oscars interactive data visualisation
The Wisdom of Crowds: Predicting the Oscar Winners [infographic]

Google Oscars
Google Oscars
Oscar fans: we?ve got you covered blog post
Google Official Oscars app

RadiumOne social sharing Oscars predictions press release

Oscar night on Twitter blog post
Twitter list of who to follow
Oscar Twitter hash tag #oscars

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