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Forbes creates visual social network 'Stream' for its magazine

Tim Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 07 January 2014 creates publishing social network 'Stream'


Forbes creates visual ‘Stream’ social network using mobile publishing start-up MAZ for iOS update

A new iOS release from Forbes includes a visual social network called ‘Stream’ allowing users to read, save and share content from its magazine.

Forbes logoStream consists of redesigned issues, starting with Forbes’ annual 30 Under 30 issue, which have been optimised for tablet and mobile devices.  Created by mobile publishing start-up MAZ the dedicated social network only allows Forbes users to read, save and share content from the publisher within the iOS app across social platforms.  As publishers attempt to take on digital challenges the approach isn’t new for a magazine attempting to build community or social network to build better relationships with subscribers.

Forbes readership can use social networks Evernote, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr as well as via email and Apple’s iMessages. Lewis D'Vorkin, chief product officer of Forbes Media explains,  “As part of our efforts to continue to innovate in digital publishing, we are focused on meeting the needs of our readers and providing them with the content they want, when they need it, in the manner that they want it in.”

Forbes Stream iOS imageWhen content is shared by users recipients see a visual clip from Forbes, which points them back to the source in an attempt to grow eyes on content and grow readership.  There is no doubt that digital users are hooked by visual content and prefer sharing it within socially charged environments as D'Vorkin appreciates, “Consumers today are increasingly more interested in visual content as we see from the dramatic growth in visual social sharing platforms. The new Forbes app will allow our readers to share, save and discover content in a manner that they prefer.”

Paul Canetti, founder and CEO of mobile publishing platform MAZ comments, "Across the online world, we're in the midst of a massive shift from text-based media to visual-based media," "Stream applies that same line of thinking to sharing content. No more copying and pasting text URLs…instead, just reach out and touch!”
Existing Forbes users and/or subscribers can sign with their username and password (or via selected social networks). New users can create a Stream account to use the new publishing social network.  Users can decide whether to add content to the Forbes public Stream, or to their own personal Streams. Forbes and MAZ claim this is a first for a magazine and a new direction for the digital publishing sector. How audiences react and whether sharing Forbes-only content sustain interest will be interesting to see.

Stream by business news and information magazine Forbes can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and is available from the Newsstand.

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