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ABI Research to Host “Wireless Connectivity Beyond the Handset” Webinar

ABI Research (Business Wire) - 26 March 2009

ABI Research to Host “Wireless Connectivity Beyond the Handset” Webinar

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In addition to handsets and laptop PCs, there are many other types of client devices that will connect to mobile wireless networks and drive additional revenue into the mobile ecosystem.

These include a broad range of mobile devices used by people, including ultra-mobile devices (UMDs) and mobile consumer electronics, as well as a wide array of cellular-enabled “machines,” a category which can encompass everything from OnStar-like telematics services in automobiles to the use of cellular technology to enable smart utility meters. Where will the next billion cellular connections come from?

What is “Cellular Machine-to-Machine (M2M)” and how does it relate to the concept of “The Internet of Things”?

What is driving growth in the Cellular M2M market and what are the hurdles to overcome?

How can members of the Cellular M2M value chain best position themselves for success in the market?

What are the prospects for ARM-based netbooks and Wintel smartphones?

Will there be room for MIDs in between all these newer smartphones and netbooks?

What is happening in the netbook and MID ecosystem?

Join ABI Research for an enlightening Webinar, “Wireless Connectivity Beyond the Handset: Netbooks, MIDs, Mobile Consumer Electronics, and M2M,” hosted by Sam Lucero and Philip Solis.

The second in ABI Research's “Stay Connected” Webinar series, this informative session will examine in depth the market for non-handset opportunities in the mobile wireless space, including netbooks, MIDs, mobile consumer electronics, and M2M, and will evaluate the proliferating opportunities for companies in the wireless ecosystem.

The Webinar will take place Thursday, April 9, at 11:00 AM US Eastern Daylight Time.

The event is free. Please register at:

For more information about mobile devices markets, please visit ABI Research’s Mobile Devices Research Practice (

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