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Brand Safety is Critical for Advertisers within UGC Market

Reality Digital ( - 17 May 2009

Brand Safety is Critical for Advertisers within UGC Market

Reality Digital's online community software offers brand security

Reality Digital logo San Francisco, CA (PRWEB)-- Reality Digital, the leading provider of brand focused social media solutions, offers advertisers the tools, techniques and expertise to build, manage and monetise a moderated brand-safe environment for user generated content. With the demand still increasing for social media sites, so does the necessity to offer advertisers the protection of a moderated, brand-safe environment.

The leading provider of white label social network solutions for businesses, Reality Digital offers a range of products offering an array of features that include digital media sharing, user generated content, social networking, video mash-ups and site analytics. Following reports where brands have been displayed against inappropriate content within sites that utilise UGC, advertisers have become nervous and the value of brand-safe environments recognised.

Reality Digital offers a social networking application that both allows businesses to harness the potential offered by developing their own online community, while offering advertisers a brand-safe environment through the platform's outstanding moderation tools.

Robert Proctor, Reality Digital's Head of EMEA explains: "Reality Digital's online community software guarantees both a brand-safe environment, and the ability to link UGC content with relevant brands and advertisements. Reality Digital's Opus™ platform is a full-service, white-label social media solution for enterprise businesses to build, manage and monetize brand-safe, digital media communities and offers flexibility in integrating advertising technologies including video overlay, pre-, post-roll ads and display."

Reality Digital products include Reality Digital Opus™, a full-service social media platform for enterprises, and Reality Digital Harmony, a self-service, entry level social media platform for small businesses and projects. Forward thinking brands, top broadcasters and publishers already trust Reality Digital to develop and manage their social media communities. Both Adobe and Microsoft currently partner with Reality Digital to leverage the team's deep social media expertise.


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