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A New Facebook Application Offers Users a Chance to Convert “Social Capital” into Money

ReferMe, Inc. (Business Wire) - 01 July 2009

A New Facebook Application Offers Users a Chance to Convert “Social Capital” into Money

Over 1K Users in First Week; on Track for Fast Adoption

Refer Request logoLOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A new Facebook application lets users convert their “social capital” to cash., and the Facebook version of the application –, – which launched this week, let users state what they’re looking for, along with the reward they’ll pay the person who finds it for them. (“50 if you find us temp office space.”)

Connectors can earn money by promoting requests, finding matches, and earning the offered rewards. plus the Facebook application current offer over $40 thousand in rewards.

The Facebook application has attracted over one thousand users in its first week of release.

"Facebook has let users aggregate a wealth of social capital. The ReferQuest Facebook application lets them translate it into speedier searches...or even incremental income," says Camille Landau, the company’s CEO.

Small businesses can use the free application to offer finders’ fees to reward customer acquisition. ("$10 reward if you refer a new customer.") The ReferQuest application offers an online version of word-of-mouth advertising. Posting requests is free, and users only pay when they’ve found what they’re seeking.

About the ReferQuest Application

The ReferQuest Application is available to Facebook users in North America. For more information on the ReferQuest Facebook app, visit


ReferMe, Inc.


Camille Landau, CEO

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