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Affino eBusiness Suite - The fastest way to deploy community-enhanced eCommerce websites

Valia Kantiani (Emojo) - 16 July 2009

Affino eBusiness Suite - the fastest way to deploy community-enhanced eCommerce websites
Advertisement logoLONDON, ENGLAND --- Emojo, the eBusiness Specialist announces the launch of ‘rapid-implementation’ Affino - for companies wishing to take full control of their online presence.

“We are delighted to be introducing this design revolution – which means that our customers will be spending less time managing their websites and more time making money from them” said Markus Karlsson, CEO and founder of Emojo.

Faster Development, Increased Productivity

The Design Centre has been part of Affino since version 2.0 which came out 7 years ago in 2002. It was revolutionary back then and it is even more revolutionary today.

The new Design Centre is a true breakthrough which minimises the time-to-market for launching advanced websites and allows companies to easily transform their sites at will. A highly fluid, visual environment increases productivity by up to 90% and significantly reduces the learning curve for non-technical people for implementing a website design.

Visual browsing and the drag-and-drop Visual Object Designer make the whole design experience exceptionally efficient, elegant and fast. With high design flexibility, advanced promotional websites can now be implemented within 24 hours.

Affino Design Centre makes maximum use of the latest technologies that allow instant visual previews at every level, plus the slick manipulation of 60+ Design Elements, Menus, Forms and Styles. Major innovations include the ’Smart Copy’ which allows Affino users to generate new page designs from existing ones in a matter of seconds.

“Don’t go telling the website owner how fantastically quick Affino is at implementing the site” said Rish ap Wiliam, Webmaster of SecondsOut – the world’s leading boxing portal.

Advanced eBusiness Scenarios

As a small company, Emojo has always been conscious of making the most of limited resources, and as such, Affino has been developed to be both affordable and adaptable for most types of businesses. Giving small teams of non-technical people the power to design, build and manage big websites, ensures that Affino is the most cost effective and efficient way to produce revenue-generating, community-centric online business hubs (Social Marketplaces).

Affino’s power lies in its smart combination of content, ecommerce, community, media, promotion and analysis; taking advantage of the best of the Web 2.0 innovations found on sites like Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, Amazon and YouTube.


Affino allows retailers to sell online content and services, traditional and digital goods. Retailers can launch multiple tailored stores with numerous currencies and integrated video and audio previews that can be best targeted and tracked on a real-time basis. With Affino, it is also possible to set up online shopping malls with user-managed stores. eCommerce design elements include store utilities and highlights such as the dynamic shopping baskets, carousels, related and recommended products and wishlists – any of which can be incorporated on any page of the website with the click of a button. This ensures that customers are always within the store wherever they are on the website.

Online Communities

It is imperative for all businesses to own their customer relationship by having their own social network on their website.  With the Affino eBusiness suite, it is possible to set up highly engaging social and business networks, intranets and extranets - which generate new revenue streams online. Configurable elements allow users to design into each page numerous community highlights including blogs, member highlights, who’s online as well as community tools and social content.

Media owners

Media Owners can use Affino’s enhanced media players to give their customers the highest quality browser-based entertainment. Affino allows Media Owners to fully engage their audience with social media as well as maximise their online revenues by selling their online content via media-on-demand, content commerce, pay-per-view, downloads and subscriptions.  Media Design Elements can be instantly embedded on any page to present rich media including Music Players, Video Walls and dynamic Flash Feature highlights.

About the Affino eBusiness Suite

The Affino eBusiness suite is the leading integrated out-of-the-box solution for managing eBusiness sites. It combines content management with ecommerce, community, media, promotion and analysis in a seamless software suite.

About Emojo

Emojo is the eBusiness Specialist, delivering online business solutions to companies worldwide since 1998. Emojo deploys eBusiness solutions via the market leading - Affino eBusiness Suite. Emojo and Affino combine to empower companies and organisations to take their key business activities online in order to fully engage their customers. Affino solutions are at the heart of the next generation in Social sites, including social networks, media sharing portals and social marketplaces.


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