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Discover the Easiest Approach to Web Based Audio and Video Calls - Intellivic Click-to-Call

Androme N.V. (PR Newswire) - 21 August 2009

Discover the Easiest Approach to Web Based Audio and Video Calls - Intellivic Click-to-Call

Intellvic logoDIEPENBEEK, Belgium/PRNewswire/ -- Intellivic Click-to-Call ( enables web users to make audio and/or video calls from within any website without installing any software. Calls can be made to all possible end-points, including mobile, 3G or PSTN/POTS phones and any SIP-capable client. It is also possible to call from one website to another.


Click-to-Call generates extra business opportunities by allowing low threshold calls from any website. Click-to-Call mainly targets VoIP providers, call/contact centers and callback service providers... But almost every business (online shops, social networking sites, security, remote consulting,...) can benefit from this amazing technology to reduce costs or add that extra contact channel compared to their competitors.

Intellivic Click-to-Call can be set up by registering for free on the website. You can test it with a predefined SIP proxy or use it with your own SIP environment! The complete setup process only takes a couple of minutes. Click-to-Call offers an extended back-end with a clean interface where you can manage your clients, billing information, call management, statistics and much more. Samples of Flash application code with a clean simple to use API are available for usage or adaptation.

Intellivic Click-to-Call ( is yet another product in the Intellivic Product Line from Androme NV and uses their Flash to SIP solution to communicate to 3G, PSTN, POTS, mobile and SIP networks. Click-to-Call integrates today's state-of-the-art communication technologies and standards.

Click-to-Call is based on ANDROME's proven Flash-to-SIP server, which bridges the gap between the telecom standard SIP and the internet standard Flash. "Click2Call is just another of the many possible applications Flash2SIP offers", says Androme's CEO Raf Van Ham. "The threshold of using Flash2SIP based services is extremely low thanks to the use of Adobe Flash which is already installed on 99% of computers. The combination of the widely spread Flash and emerging telecom standard SIP leads to a range of very powerful products."


ANDROME has gained market power in the area of video telephony communication platforms with its Intellivic product line, a set of high quality SIP and IMS based audio and video telephony tools and products.

Please refer to for more info on the Intellivic product line and to for more details on ANDROME.

Source: Androme N.V.

For further information, please contact: Kristof Thys: +32-11-301330, Intellivic Project Office,,

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