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Lotame Drives Online Ad Performance for Ford and Harmelin Media

Lotame Research (Business Wire) - 31 August 2009

Lotame Drives Online Ad Performance for Ford and Harmelin Media

Lotame’s Proven Ad Targeting, Delivery and Campaign Measurement Platform Improves Click Yield, Action Yield and Intent to Buy a Ford Among the Target Audience

Lotame Research logoNEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Lotame today released results from a sustained program led by Harmelin Media for the Ford Dealer Association in and around the Philadelphia metropolitan area. The program was designed to maximize increases in click throughs, actions and intent to buy.

According to Executive Vice President of Harmelin Media Scott Davis, Lotame has consistently delivered a higher click yield and action yield than any other online advertising option, including ad networks targeted to the local market and automotive interest as well as other behavioral targeting systems. Click yield and action yield are determined by success in creating click throughs and defined actions after users have engaged with an ad, usually by selecting a local dealer.

“Early in our history, we identified local advertising to likely buyers as a particular strength of our platform, and it is very satisfying to see that capability create results for Ford and Harmelin,” said Andy Monfried, CEO of Lotame.

“Lotame has improved our metrics, and has continually worked with us to provide even better results for Ford, either through improved targeting or serving the best creative for the situation,” said Davis. “For example, we noticed that many times people acted on our ads after they had seen them a few times. Working with Lotame, we were able to serve a lower cost ad the first couple times we reached a new person in our target audience, switching to the more interactive ad when it was most likely to create the highest return. Our cost for conversion has benefited greatly.”

From January through July, Lotame delivered better performance than other advertising vehicles in key metrics including:

  • Lotame beat the average click through rate by nearly 15 percent
  • Lotame outperformed in click yield (clicks/interactions) by 88 percent
  • Lotame delivered a 216 percent improvement over the average action yield (actions/interactions)

During this campaign, users who had seen the Lotame-delivered ads indicated they were 20 percent more likely to buy a Ford over the next six months than a control group that had not seen the ads.

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Lotame provides a platform for easily building and addressing customizable consumer audiences based on social activity in addition to implied or stated interests. Lotame has specifically designed its patented Crowd Control platform to take full advantage of the unique attributes of social data, using participation and user generated content as a foundation for improved campaign performance. Lotame is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Please visit for more information.


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