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Moment-to-Moment Optimism Presents the Core Principles of Optimism

Moment-to-Moment Enterprises ( - 30 August 2009

Moment-to-Moment Optimism Presents the Core Principles of Optimism

Optimism guru Dr. Russ Buss announces his recently penned Core Principles of Optimism and the restructuring of the popular Moment-to-Moment Optimism blog. The core principles will be applied regularly to the topics of business development and organizations, as well as optimistic parenting, marriages, and relationships. Dr. Russ Buss shows how optimism can be applied to all types of daily problems, including fear of swine flu.

East Lansing, MI (PRWEB) -- On August 24, 2009 Dr. Russ of the Moment-to-Moment Optimism blog ( published his "Thirteen Core Positive Principles of Optimism." Since November of 2008, there have been 154 posts on optimism, 122 of which have been issued since April 1, 2009. After five months of daily posts, six per week, Dr. Russ decided it was time to cull through these posts and identify the core positive principles that guide optimistic living.

The daily blog has evolved and matured over the last five months. Regular weekly features include Monday's Dr. Russ Busster Day in which specific tips are given to "busst-up" any pessimism that might interfere with one's goals for the week. On Wednesday, the optimism tip of the week is released under the Just-One-Thing title. For easy reference, a Week-in-Review is published on Friday so readers can have a single list of the key ideas for improving optimism gleaned from the week of posts.

Starting this last week of August 2009 are two new weekly features, one on Optimism in Business and Organization (e.g. entrepreneurship, sales, leadership, business growth and development, etc.), and another on Optimism in Marriage/Relationships and Parenting. Weekend posts have come to include regular features of the Light and Lively series or encore presentations of key topics.

The Dr. Russ Buss Core Positive Principles of Optimism represent a strategic view of optimism; one that involves specific strategies of optimism that can be learned and practiced on a moment-to-moment basis. Key ideas of this strategic view of optimism are:


1. Learn to adopt a general optimistic attitude that "the glass is always half full."
2. Life is a continuous learning curve where failure is expected, challenges embraced, and tough tasks are sought to guide self-improvement; no excuses, please!
3. Seeking help is an essential strategy for continual progress which can make strengths stronger and shore-up weaknesses.
4. Find inspiration from other optimists famous in history, in current day news, or living next door.
5. Acquire the skill of managing internal feeling states associated with optimism and pessimism on a moment-to-moment basis by viewing success as a building block and failure as learning opportunity.
6. Leaders can be taught how to create a culture of optimism in the organization, and to inspire an optimistic, "can do" attitude in each individual. Leaders learn to take pride in mentoring and watching others accomplish their goals.
7. Communication, moment-to-moment and day-to-day, of messages of optimism, repeated over and over, and applied to a variety of situations faced by a child is a key teaching strategy to be learned by parents.
8. An optimistic attitude can be used to manage our swine flu fears as Dr. Russ states in his August 26, 2009 Optimism Tip of the Week: "Individuals may not have personal control over whether there is a 'swine flu' epidemic, but they do have control over the actions they can take to reduce their exposure and its effects, if infected."

Get on board and check out the blog. Visit the new and improved Moment-to-Moment Optimism to learn and expand strategies in each and every moment of your life. (

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