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New Website Launched to Display Found Money in a Down Economy

Epro Biz Solutions ( - 31 August 2009

New Website Launched to Display Found Money in a Down Economy

Hundreds of Rare 1913 Mexican Pesos, tied to the legendary Mexican Revolutionary Pancho Villa surface in a down economy in Pecos, New Mexico, a small village near Santa Fe, NM. Thousands of pesos from 1913 were found recently and a website has been created has been created to display this amazing story. Legend has it that Pancho Villa stole million pesos but no one ever found the money until now.

Pancho Villa logo Santa Fe, NM (Vocus/PRWEB )-- Announcing the launch of to discuss the legend of Pancho Villa stealing pesos from Mexico in the 1910s. From the early 1910’s until the end of his life in July of 1923 at the hand of assassins alleged to be the followers of Alvaro Obregon, a former general, who feared Pancho Villa’s opposition to his candidacy for the Mexican Presidency, the Mexican Revolutionary hero Doroteo Arango (“Pancho” Villa’s name at birth) led the life of a revolutionary. The pesos found in a wall in northern New Mexico in 1978 seem to lead back to the legendary man Pancho Villa when you here the story of the man who says he met Pancho Villa in the Spring of 1923 just before Mr. Villa’s death when you see amazing condition of the 1913 pesos in person.

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"The peso bills truly look like a new $20 dollar bill you might get when you go to your local ATM machine to get some spending money from your checking account. The quality of these 1913 Mexican pesos will knock your socks off." says Kevin Kenealy, marketer of the rare pesos "The amazing thing is the time frames connected to the trials and tribulations of Pancho Villa around the time of his death and his timely visit to Pecos, New Mexico come pretty darn close to when the money found in 1978 went into a wall for hiding in 1923."

At first glance this story might just seem a little bit big and perhaps along the lines a whopper of a fish tale. But when you look at the whole picture much of what went on and what led, supposedly, to a bunch of mint condition 1913 Mexican pesos being found in an adobe wall 1978.


Banking expert Ricardo Rocha states, “These peso notes will transport you back into the most crucial times in Mexico’s history and into the life of the most controversial revolutionary hero of our times. Pancho Villa was a villain, a liberator and perhaps the most admired bandit of all times. His legends have crossed borders, and his deeds are somehow embroidered in rural myths and bedtime stories. These notes bring me a piece of the legend and make me closer to his stories, achievements and legacy.”

If you want to learn more about the story and check out those 1913 Mexican Pesos go to our website.


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