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Announcing Launch of (Business Wire) - 17 September 2009

Announcing Launch of

New Social Networking Website “Leap- Frogs” Competition with Mashup of Top Social and Professional Networking Features

Vreebit logoCHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE), the highly anticipated new social networking site, launched today. A next generation internet tool, combines the best of top social networking sites with new organizational, e-commerce and promotional tools changing the way people connect, communicate and organize their social and professional lives.

“With the social networking landscape overcrowded by sites managing different aspects of your life, jumping around various sites, updating many profiles and still not finding key features was frustrating,” said co-creator Michael Fleischmann. “I looked online for one place to stay connected, talk about issues, organize my schedule and take action where I was passionate. I couldn’t find one secure place to do it all - so was born.”

Social and Professional Networks Mashup

Combining the best attributes of current popular social networking sites, allows for securely sharing documents, photos, links and status updates, while letting people create, organize and promote events. members can maintain contact lists, list open positions, look for work or network for sales leads. The site incorporates a discussion component, allows people to promote ideas through online advertising and includes the ability to conduct polls and create petitions directed to legislative and business leaders. represents a new way of managing your online world simply and efficiently, creating a novel experience for users,” said Fleischmann. “This is an evolution in the Internet; a single platform that brings together the best of the world’s most popular websites, and then improves upon those features.”

Free Website and Email

Business owners, soccer moms, young professionals, retirees, event planners and partygoers will find easy to navigate. offers users free email, free website, secure document exchange and mobile interactivity. has patent-pending technology with the strongest privacy content management in the industry, allowing users to determine exactly who can view their content.

Sell, Buy, Promote on VreeMarket™

A feature setting apart is a virtual currency called “VreeBees™” earned by selling content, clicking ads, referring new members and providing expert advice. VreeBees™ are used to purchase ads, promote businesses, causes or events – or be redeemed for products and services.

Visit plays well with others so it can be followed on Facebook and Twitter (@vreebit).


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