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ArtinSoft and Gizmox Announce Strategic Alliance to Migrate Visual Basic 6.0 Applications to the Web

ArtinSoft (PR Newswire) - 08 September 2009

ArtinSoft and Gizmox Announce Strategic Alliance to Migrate Visual Basic 6.0 Applications to the Web

ArtinSoft and Gizmox have joined forces to provide a comprehensive solution to migrate legacy Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 applications to a Web-based DHTML or Microsoft Silverlight

ArtinSoft logoCHESTERFIELD, Mo/PRNewswire/ -- ArtinSoft, leading provider of automated software transformation technology, and Gizmox, developer of the Visual WebGui rich Internet, Cloud & SaaS application development platform, today announced the formation of a new strategic alliance between the companies to provide migration services for upgrading Visual Basic 6.0 applications to DHTML, Silverlight 3, and the Windows Azure platform. This alliance introduces a new alternative for enterprises looking for a way out of legacy VB 6.0 applications, providing both long-term savings by moving to a rapid application development framework provided by Visual WebGui, and a quick upgrade path by performing the migration with ArtinSoft's migration tools and services.


This new offering provides a complete solution for taking current Visual Basic 6.0 or Microsoft Windows Forms applications and moving them to a Web-based environment, saving deployment, remote access licenses, and infrastructure costs, while at the same time adding flexibility by allowing the choice between DHTML, Silverlight, or cloud-based user interfaces at the switch of a button. The new offering works with the current capital investment in VB 6.0 or Windows Forms applications with Gizmox's and ArtinSoft's proven track record providing migration solutions to companies around the world. Customers will be able to keep the rich user interface normally associated with desktop applications, and have the advantage of providing a streamlined deployment experience and enhancing the productivity of their development resources.

"Microsoft is pleased to support the new partnership between ArtinSoft and Gizmox," said Steve Sklepowich, director for Silverlight at Microsoft Corp. "This partnership will equip developers and businesses with the tools they need to cost-effectively move their Visual Basic 6.0 and Windows Forms applications to Silverlight 3, enabling a new class of rich Internet applications on the Web."

ArtinSoft is a world leader in automated software migration technology. Its flagship automated tool, the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion, will be used to transform the VB 6.0 legacy code into .NET code that will run on the Visual WebGui platform. Once in .NET, the application can be easily ported to the Web using the revolutionary Visual WebGui platform developed by Gizmox, which now allows legacy applications to be migrated into the latest cutting-edge technology that offers the benefit of the next Web generation in terms of richness, performance and security. Many companies have been delaying the upgrade of VB 6.0 strategic assets to the .NET Platform because they needed more than functional equivalence and a way to easily Web enable their code. With this joint solution, there are no more excuses to delay the migration. Furthermore, customers using remote desktop access for their VB 6.0 deployments have shown interest in this solution, which will immediately save them licensing costs and allow a more powerful deployment model when compared to options such as Citrix.

"We are excited to enter into a partnership with Artinsoft that finally brings customers running legacy Visual Basic applications an e-2-e solution that wasn't available before," said Navot Peled, CEO and founder of Gizmox.

"This is a great opportunity for enterprise customers to move their application away from the desktop and make them available without deployment limitations," said Roberto Leiton, ArtinSoft's CEO. "It is something the market has been requesting for a while, and the combination of the Visual WebGui platform with our migration expertise is the best value proposition for our customers."

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