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CloudProfile Amplifies Online Marketing Voice for Millions of Small Businesses

SMBLive (Business Wire) - 01 September 2009

CloudProfile Amplifies Online Marketing Voice for Millions of Small Businesses

New Social Marketing Service is Incredibly Simple to Use Makes Facebook and Twitter Relevant for Butchers, Bakers, and Candlestick Makers

CloudProfile logoRESTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SMBLive launched CloudProfile today, an incredibly simple social marketing service that helps small businesses (SMBs) amplify their online voice, engage in virtual conversations and attract more customers.

The macro economy is difficult for everyone, especially for millions of SMBs trying to keep up with the technology and rapid changes in online marketing. With consumers spending less time looking in the Yellow Pages and more time on the web searching for local merchants and service providers – it’s critical that SMBs do more to properly promote themselves online so they can be found whenever and wherever consumers are looking.

Different from traditional web sites and search marketing services, CloudProfile is very simple, inexpensive, and enables SMBs to talk about themselves online, engage prospects in authentic conversations, and monitor and respond to whatever consumers are saying on the web.

“The web is increasingly conversational and real-time – especially as Facebook and Twitter continue to grow in popularity,” said Alex Hawkinson, CEO of SMBLive. “To attract and connect with modern consumers, SMBs need simple online marketing tools to amplify their online voice so they can be heard in this new world.”

Customers can try CloudProfile completely free for 30 days. After that, the service is just $49.95 per month. Interested SMBs can sign-up in minutes at

While CloudProfile’s user experience is designed specifically for SMBs – the platform itself is uniquely optimized for distribution through affiliate and reseller channels. Third-parties interested in providing online marketing tools to SMBs can quickly and cost effectively offer CloudProfile services in branded or un-branded packages to their customers.

“With more than 10 million SMBs in the US spending over $20 billion a year to be found, the market is absolutely massive,” said Mr. Hawkinson. “There’s no way we can get to all of those customers on our own, therefore we’re committed to making our product economically attractive to anyone who is interested providing online marketing tools to SMBs.”

CloudProfile is SMBLive’s second generation software platform. Version one was developed in partnership with British Telecom and Telmex and currently supports more than 375,000 SMBs under the BT Tradespace and Mi Negocia En Linea brand name.

About SMBLive

CloudProfile from SMBLive is the world’s first online marketing platform designed specifically for SMBs that embraces the social and conversational web. CloudProfile enables SMBs to transition well honed word-of-mouth marketing skills from offline to online.

The company offers CloudProfile services direct to SMBs at and also distributes the platform via affiliate and reseller channels including British Telecom and Telmex.

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