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SMP » Press Releases hits major milestone of three million experiences shared

Steve Fiore (Experience Project) - 21 September 2009 hits major milestone of three million experiences shared


Leading Social Media Forum Undergoes Tremendous Growth while the Site’s Highly Targeted User Groups Help Drive Innovative Online Brand Marketing Objectives

San Francisco, CA ---– (EP), the world’s largest online community for connecting by shared life experiences, announced today it has now surpassed three million experiences shared. In addition to this milestone, EP’s highly targeted user groups and growing site popularity has attracted several large corporate brands looking for innovative ways to accelerate their online marketing efforts and social cause campaigns.

 “Our achievement of three million experiences shared, and our continued aggressive and organic rate of growth is a strong testament to our efforts to strengthen the human element of social networking,” stated Experience Project CEO, Armen Berjikly. “EP fills the void many of us feel through micro-blogging and short message communication.  Its in-depth storytelling and user interaction format helps foster truly unbreakable bonds and friendships amongst our community.  EP allows people to truly understand and connect with others who may be going through the same experiences – while assuring them that they are not alone. Further, we’ve created a living archive of practically every human experience—and counting, which is a tremendous resource for anyone looking for discovery, support, or new connections.”

As the largest living collection of shared experiences on just about any topic, EP is a comfortable, supportive place for individuals to share with others on issues that matter most.  The site features hundreds of highly targeted groups ranging from social causes such as “I Support Breast Cancer Awareness” to personal stories such as “I live in a Sexless Marriage” to more lighthearted topics like “I have Tattoos”

Because EP’s groups are so highly targeted, the site has begun working with blue-chip corporate brands like Honest Tea and Haagen-Dazs among others, giving them the ability to quickly accelerate their online marketing efforts (dubbed the Marketing Acceleration Model) through “pre-packaged” groups that address the most critical aspect of any online campaign - identifying the appropriate targets that will push core messages virally and authentically.

"By putting us in front of thousands of people already engaged in deep conversations centered on environmental issues, Experience Project has been an invaluable asset to our national “Help the Honey Bee” campaign,” stated Tonya Iles, Haagen-Dazs Interactive Manager “Acting as a social media partner, EP has significantly boosted our online reach helping us truly connect with our core audience.”

“Brands can interact with our users where it matters and more critically where it is welcomed—places where conversations about the brand and its interests are already occurring. The approach of directly partnering with a social networking site whose passionate users will immediately act as message ambassadors allow brands to concentrate more on the campaign itself while cutting out time and money resources needed to create their own online presence, social media or social cause campaigns,” Berjikly added.

In addition to the three million shared experiences milestone achievement, the Web Marketing Association has recognized EP’s outstanding efforts in Website development. On September 16th, the organization presented the company with its prestigious WebAward in the category of “Outstanding Website – Social Networks” scoring almost a perfect ten in achievements for Content and Innovation categories.

“Our WebAwards recognize the people and organizations responsible for developing some of the most effective and best web sites on the Internet today,” said William Rice, president of the Web Marketing Association. “As a recipient of the Outstanding Website - Social Network award, Experience Project provides a benchmark by which all websites can be judged.”


Imagine a social forum where you can safely and honestly connect and communicate with others who share your passions for the same issues and aspects of life, a place where authentic human connection finally occurs on the web - this is Experience Project. Explore over three million life experiences, share your own stories and find like-minded people who are open, supportive, and just "get it." The social network’s unique culture, one where everyone is welcome, comfortable, and engaged, is continuously maintained and encouraged by a growing community of people freely and openly sharing their life experiences.