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EverGreen Announces COHESION© an On-Line Community Health and Safety Collaboration Web-Service

EverGreen Data Continuity, Inc. (Business Wire) - 13 October 2009

EverGreen Announces COHESION© an On-Line Community Health and Safety Collaboration Web-Service for Community Healthcare and Safety Preparedness

EverGreen logoNEWBURY, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--EverGreen Data Continuity, Inc.,, has announced the release of its “EverGreen Community Health and Safety Collaboration Portal”.

Pandemic outbreaks, natural disasters, and local events can create catastrophic impacts on the health and safety of local communities. Healthcare and Emergency plans may have been developed, but the knowledge and sharing of this information is often limited. Collaboration between community organizations and members within the community can significantly improve the health, safety and environmental impact of the entire community and its region.

EverGreen’s Community Health and Safety Collaboration Portal – COHESION© is an on-line interactive website designed specifically for bringing together and sharing community health and safety resources. Health and emergency management providers play a key role in working with local officials, hospitals, schools, fire, police, EMS, and private business to define health mitigation guidelines and emergency preparedness plans. EverGreen’s on-line collaboration portal removes the barriers so public officials and community volunteers can work together in defining and managing an integrated framework for sharing health and safety information.

“During Hurricane Katrina, we witnessed the confusion when emergency response teams were not coordinated and the health and safety of the communities were at risk. We developed COHESION© to mitigate these kinds of situations,” said Bob Burns, EverGreen’s CEO.

EverGreen’s team of experts work with community representatives to streamline the collaboration and storage of documents that have common benefit between the community organizations. Such information often includes; shared assets, contact lists, personnel records, training records, occupancy lists, hazmat documentation, permits, evacuation routes, emergency response plans, pandemic and health plans and many others. The COHESION© site also provides internal collaboration supporting calendar scheduling, blogging, event notifications, process tracking, video training and links to other resource sites. All on-line information is managed in EverGreen’s secure high-availability off-site datacenters.

For additional information on how EverGreen can improve your health and safety collaboration capability, please visit or contact us at 888.489.6660.

EverGreen Data Continuity, Inc. has been providing global emergency management solutions for more than eleven years to financial, medical, government and other institutions. EverGreen is a Microsoft Certified Partner as well as the winner of FEMA’s Region 1 Outstanding Partner Award.


EverGreen Data Continuity, Inc.


Bob Burns, 978-857-7705

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