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Geezeo Creates White Label Version of its Community Platform to Complement Financial Institutions’ Social Media Efforts

Geezeo (Business Wire) - 16 October 2009

Geezeo Creates White Label Version of its Community Platform to Complement Financial Institutions’ Social Media Efforts

Enables Banks and Credit Unions to Establish Two-Way Dialog with Consumers; Better Meet Their Needs and Market More Effectively

Geezeo logoHARTFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Geezeo (, a diversified Internet banking provider that offers an online personal financial management (PFM) and social networking system to community financial institutions, announced the launch of its “Geezeo White Label Community Solution,” an Internet-based, licensed platform enabling financial institutions to join a conversation directly with their target audience in order to successfully gauge their level of satisfaction, further strengthen their relationships with consumers and better serve them.

After successful execution of this capability in Geezeo’s consumer direct model, Geezeo now extends its offering in the form of a white label version directly to financial institutions. This version is customized to meet the specific needs of each institution and offers integration with other social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. This enables financial institutions to develop an ongoing dialog with consumers while demonstrating advocacy and improving credibility with these target audiences.

Key features of the Geezeo White Label Community Solution include:

  • A turnkey question and answer forum that offers members a trusted destination for financial discussions;
  • Access to experts, provided by either the financial institution or Geezeo, who offer insight and answer direct questions. The community site can feature the financial institution’s CEO, favorite members or even people and businesses in their local market;
  • A financial chatroom that enables members to express and exchange their thoughts regarding financial issues, in the form of a financial confession or a financial goal achieved;
  • Enhanced marketing capabilities enable the financial institution’s community platform to be customized to reflect a financial institution’s established brand as well as provide targeted messaging. Geezeo also offers advertising modules to ensure product visibility by incorporating the client’s campaign design through tile ads or banners that are data-driven and built off of identified market segments;
  • Moderation features ensure all discussions are checked for abusive content, giving the financial institution control over the community content; and
  • Comprehensive reporting that enables a financial institution to measure the ROI of the organizations social media efforts.

“As we slowly emerge from this recession, there is a shift in the way consumers think, and there has been an evolution towards a more value-conscious consumer,” said Bryan Clagett, chief marketing officer of Geezeo. “This presents an opportunity for savvy banks and credit unions to interact with consumers more closely in order to build trust, establish tighter bonds and retain and grow their consumer base by offering advice and innovative financial tools through the Internet.”

About Geezeo

Founded in 2006, Geezeo offers Internet banking solutions including personal financial management (PFM), online community trust-based marketing, account access and bill payment. Geezeo’s unique platforms help financial institutions develop online customer dialog while generating growth through customer acquisition and increased wallet share. For more information on the privately held company, visit


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