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Reality Digital Shines the Spotlight on Online Video

Reality Digital (Business Wire) - 27 October 2009

Reality Digital Shines the Spotlight on Online Video

Customizable Video Management Platform Enables Businesses to Socialize Digital Media in One Easy Step

Reality Digital logoSAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Reality Digital, Inc., a proven leader of digital media solutions for global brands and their agencies, today announced Reality Digital Spotlight™, a new white-label online video management and distribution platform. Spotlight extends digital media publishing to businesses and allows organizations to manage, publish, distribute and monetize their library of professional and user-generated video assets. Highly scalable and stable, Spotlight also offers a comprehensive feature set that enables the ability to publish and deliver high quality video to any website in less than 15 minutes. Businesses with a wide range of digital media management needs can use Spotlight to help socialize their digital content, build viral buzz and create an engaged online community around their brand.

Spotlight is a SaaS-based platform that eliminates the need for technical or video expertise that is traditionally required to deploy video management and makes it easy for businesses to:

  • Maintain a social network for video or channel campaigns, via built-in comments, ratings and social distribution links;
  • Develop new revenue models and generate incremental revenue on their library of professional content via video advertising;
  • Distribute videos in playlists or through a brand’s library of content;
  • Accept user generated content from users through an upload API;
  • Configure the media player designs and user interface to a business’s brand specifications;
  • Analyze their video and playlist performance to gather feedback on content programming and ensure maximum relevance to their customers; and
  • Obtain affordable, unlimited access to all features, regardless of how much or how little is streamed.

“The flexibility and range of functionality the Spotlight platform elevates our efforts to develop new, targeted online communities to a new level,” said Dan Werner, executive producer, MacNeil/Lehrer Production’s the.News. “Spotlight is a powerful and fully contained video-accessing solution that is in sync with the content needs of our audience.”

Spotlight supports the rigorous needs of businesses, including broadcasters, media and entertainment organizations, sports entities, publishers and brands that rely on video distribution as a core component of their day-to-day operations. These businesses can now enjoy the ease-of use and worry-free maintenance provided by Spotlight’s fully hosted platform.

Socializing video distribution

Unique to the online video platform market, Spotlight provides built-in socialization tools to execute viral campaigns and build communities around a brand’s digital media library, directly in the player. As video distribution becomes more commoditized, Spotlight’s key differentiator is its social approach to video distribution, which allows businesses to glean greater insights into the impact of their video assets through the ability to pull content and comments back and get feedback from various communities.

Out-of-the box, Spotlight is designed to empower businesses to socialize their media assets and allows businesses to:

  • Create a micro-community around content: Spotlight’s social features empower users to add comments and ratings to distributed content while allowing them to share content across communities; and
  • Utilize a feedback mechanism which allows companies to publish the content across different destinations but provides a centralized location for administrators to see and evaluate that content’s feedback.

“Our expertise in media management stems from the hundreds of social media initiatives we have deployed for some of the world’s most recognized brands. This experience has helped us develop a keen understanding of what it takes to ensure a successful project. Our customers often want a single vendor that can provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for all their video management and community needs,” said Cynthia Francis, CEO and co-founder of Reality Digital. “We developed Spotlight to compliment our current social media product line so that our customers could easily manage, distribute and socialize their video content from one vendor, while making their brand more relevant and interactive to their consumers.”


Reality Digital Spotlight is available to all current and new customers in October 2009. Pricing is based on usage and consists of a monthly platform fee that includes storage and a bandwidth delivery fee. Those interested can visit or call 415 644 4600 and sign up for a free 30-day unlimited access trial account.

About Reality Digital Inc.

Reality Digital, Inc. is a provider of enterprise-scale, white-label digital media solutions. The company’s comprehensive family of products and strategic services enable global brands and agencies to socialize digital content and deliver more relevant and engaging community experiences to their customers. Reality Digital provides the building blocks needed for companies to manage, publish, distribute and monetize rich media on the web. Since 2003, the company has leveraged its core expertise in digital video to help leading global brands in media, entertainment, sports, travel and retail to drive brand recognition and deeper community involvement through social media.

Reality Digital has offices in San Francisco and London. For more information, visit


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