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Robbins Brothers Facebook Fans Share Holiday Wish List

Robbins Brothers ( - 31 October 2009

Robbins Brothers Facebook Fans Share Holiday Wish List

Engagement Ring Retailer finds out what Facebook Fans desire most for a holiday gift

Robbins Brothers logoLos Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 31, 2009 -- As the holidays rapidly approach, Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Store asked its Facebook Fans to share their perfect holiday gift idea. No one held back with this year's wish list as the question triggered nearly 40 immediate responses. Answers vary but all are thoughtful and some even funny. Most respondents want their significant other to be home for the holidays while others hope for a diamond ring. Some of the answers include:

--A flat screen for my new fiance!


--A trip to Europe for me and my sweetie would be wonderful.
--Him being home.
--My fiance, home from deployment. And it looks like that will happen!
--For work to pick up for my husband.
--A vacation, before I completely lose what is left of me!
--A beautiful diamond ring! Too bad my boyfriend doesn't have a clue. :)
--For the father of my 2 children to finally propose after 9 years!
--For nobody in the world to be hungry, alone or homeless.
--For escrow to finish on our house!
--For my fiance to make it back home safely.
--Something sparkly from my sweetheart.
--My sister and her family moving to SoCal! If I can't have them, then I'd like a Tacori ring and an orange tabby kitten.

Robbins Brothers also used its Facebook page to get an idea of the most famous clichés that people adhere to. The company's recent status update asked: "Which cliché rings the most true to you? 1) Love is Blind 2) It takes two to tango 3) Misery loves company 4) If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 5) Too little, too late 6)Never say never."

The majority of fans chose "Never say never" but many also liked "Love is Blind" and "If it aint broke, don't fix it." "It takes two to tango" received a few votes as well.

About Robbins Brothers:
A destination engagement ring retailer focused on offering couples in love an incredible ring selection and an unmatched customer experience. Robbins Brothers specializes in extensive product education, exceptional value, unique engagement and wedding planning services, and onsite jewelers who can customize any ring. The company operates eight freestanding stores in Southern California and two in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

Robbins Brothers services over 100,000 couples a year and provides a warm, friendly and fun shopping environment for all. Women can create a Wish List in-store or online, while men often relax in a de-stressing lounge stocked with coffee, soda and ESPN.

For more information please visit or call 1-800-610-RING.

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