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iFollo Launches New, Fan-Driven Online Community About Real Celebrity Encounters

iFollo, LLC (Business Wire) - 19 October 2009

iFollo Launches New, Fan-Driven Online Community About Real Celebrity Encounters

Fans Discover the Human Side of Celebrities Through Photos, Videos, Stories and Ratings from Real People

iFollo logoPARK CITY, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--iFollo ( today announced the launch of its new, fan-driven online community that provides a place for people to contribute stories, pictures and videos about their personal encounters with celebrities past or present, famous teams or groups. iFollo is the only interactive celebrity site that bases all of its content on real encounters with celebrities from real people.

“iFollo places the power of the media, paparazzi and publicists in the hands of real people – they are the news source,” said Colin House, CEO of iFollo. “Although there are millions of fan sites, discussion boards, and blogs available, none offer unfiltered and unique content which is created and controlled by people on the street.”

iFollo satisfies the public’s craving to know about, and connect with, celebrities in sports, politics, fashion, music and entertainment. The site also offers a broad and more balanced view of what celebrities are really like versus one-sided, sensational headlines and incriminating photos. This is because information comes from real stories told by everyday people. Fans read about, watch and see their favorite celebrities in settings other than the red carpet.

To participate, users upload photos and video along with their celebrity stories and rate celebrities by looks, smarts, arrogance and more. On iFollo, people have the ability to personalize and follow only the celebrities they care about, including local celebrities, without being bombarded by media minutia.

Not only can people post stories about individuals, but they can also create groups. For example, attendees at events like the Sundance Film Festival, the Academy Awards, or the Super Bowl could post their celebrity experiences in that particular event group on iFollo. Radio or TV stations can validate their fan trust factor by setting up a group for their on-air personalities.

iFollo Features & Benefits

  • People choose who they want to follow
  • Celebrity stories are genuine, first-hand and unfiltered
  • Experiences with celebrities are from sources other than front page tabloids
  • Best-rated and most-followed stories rise to the top, receiving the most prominence on the site
  • Thousands of celebrity names are currently listed, and users can create additional celebrities, groups and teams.

For more information or to post celebrity encounters, visit

About iFollo, LLC

iFollo is an interactive, online, fan-based community that enables people to share personal celebrity experiences, photos and video. Ratings and user-generated content ensure that iFollo remains grounded in its roots of real people telling the story. Responsible celebrities embrace iFollo’s unique content with less gossip, fewer scandals and less hype. iFollo is headquartered in Park City, Utah. For more information, please visit




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