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Topick Group is Pleased to Announce, A New Blogging Era ( - 01 January 2010

Topick Group is Pleased to Announce, A New Blogging Era is the new era of the Internet world. A way to express imagination in a visual way.

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) -- Topick Group is pleased to announce the official grand opening of their new website, which offers users a chance to express themselves in a visual and imaginative way.


We brighten up your day.
We brighten up your day.

A Topick is a phrase that opens doors to user's creativity and imagination.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Topick is a never ending novel.
Every couple of days a new clever Topick is chosen and displayed to the viewing public. Users are then able to participate and respond. But this isn't just a grandmother's message board. Users respond with interesting pictures, videos, comments and more.

Normally, if it looks like a topic and it reads like a topic, it must be a topic, right? WRONG!

The point is that the conversation takes place in custom made images and videos or just media from around the web. It's a conversation more powerful than just words. Different individual interpretations of the Topick makes browsing our website's archives very entertaining.

The new media is made of a collective, global voice. The Internet is enabling us to speak in a new language more quickly, and it lets us share our media better than ever before. Topick takes this new media to a new level, fast-paced and user-controlled.

Popular Topicks will stick around longer in response to user votes. Users also have the ability to vote on any individual item while the Topick is active. The top-rated posts appear on every page, announcing the most popular of the previous Topick.

It's a community driven gallery of art and culture, available to the world for participation with a simple email registration. With its clean and fun design, Topick is a new and exciting way to use and spread the new media.

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