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Optimism Blogger Provides Daily Dose of Optimism

Dr. Russ Buss (PR Web) - 25 April 2010

Optimism Blogger Provides Daily Dose of Optimism

Retired Psychologist with 40+ years of experience uses his Optimism Blog to help teach and encourage others to see the glass half full. logoEast Lansing, MI (PRWEB) -- It's often said that attitude is everything, and that's certainly the case for one local blogger whose aim is to reach and teach the world with his Moment-to-Moment Optimism Blog.

Dr. Russ Buss is on a mission to share the knowledge he has amassed over a 40+ year career in the field of Psychology, and help get that information out to people who are truly in search of learning how to make the choice to be optimistic.

Paired with the accessibility of the Internet, Dr. Russ's trove of experience is a wonderful tool for those looking for help in attaining more optimism and refreshing their attitude. The content is original and a new entry is now posted six days a week.

Regular weekly features include Monday's "Dr. Russ Busster Day" in which specific tips are given to "busst-up" any pessimism that might interfere with one's goals for the week. On Wednesday, Dr. Russ writes about "Just One Thing" to focus on in order to have another moment of optimism. From the Just One Thing feature grew the "Optimism Tip of the Week," which is now also broadcast weekly by host Jackie Monroe on the Dr. Russ Buss YouTube channel. Additionally, a Week-in-Review is published over the weekend so readers can have a single list of the key ideas for improving optimism gleaned from the week of posts.

Since November of 2008, Dr. Russ has published over 340 entries to his optimism blog, with topics ranging from parenting to business culture, relationships to cancer recovery. There is truly something for everyone at the Moment-to-Moment Optimism Blog.

Dr. Russ's message is a timely one, indeed, with unemployment numbers and the country's economic health in a period of all time low since the Great Depression. "Everyone we talk to about the website immediately says, 'Oh great…an optimism blog! We could all use more optimism these days!' So there is definitely a pulse for this kind out thing out there," Dr. Russ explains.

"My goal is to offer straightforward, useful information that anyone could read and immediately apply to their life. I'd like to remind people that no one is really 'born' an optimist or a pessimist; you absolutely chose to be either. I'd like to show people how much more fulfilling life can be once you make the choice to try to have a positive attitude more times than not," Dr. Russ adds.

With monthly visitors already topping out over 1,500 and steadily climbing, Dr. Russ and his Optimism Blog have certainly hit a chord with readers. With any luck, all of that optimism will rub off on mid-Michigan residents and help them get excited for the economic turn-around that the greater Lansing area has in store.

So, as Dr. Russ says, "Get on board, check out the blog!"

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