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adX Search Expands Into Chinese Market With Baidu Platform Integration

adX Search (Marketwire) - 06 April 2010

adX Search Expands Into Chinese Market With Baidu Platform Integration

Cooperation Agreement with China's leading search engine empowers Sponsored Links Advertising

Baidu logoSTOCKHOLM, SWEDEN--(Marketwire) - adX Search AB (adX), an industry leading search engine marketing solutions provider, today announced that it has successfully integrated China's leading search engine, Baidu, into its technology platform for sponsored links advertising. The integration will give advertisers, agencies and search engine marketing firms instant access to the Chinese market through a single gateway that already consists of global search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo! and local search engines Eniro and Kvasir.

adX provides clients with a proprietary, robust search engine marketing platform that enables the complete execution, control and optimisation of ad campaigns, keywords and conversions across all major search engines.

"As the world's top user of the Internet, China is a significant and attractive market for advertisers, but one that has largely remained out of reach until now," said Nicklas Osth, CEO & Chief Technology Officer, adX. "The adX platform has effectively opened the door for globally-recognized search engine marketing firms and enterprise to the Chinese market, providing an end-to-end solution for sponsored links advertising that reaches key geographic markets."

According to Osth, the Baidu integration has firmly positioned the adX platform as a must-have search engine marketing vehicle for advertisers and agencies as well as a top contender on the world stage for licensing by large retailers and former competitors.

The adX Search Solution, offered as an ASP or on-premise, provides a single-point of entry to all major search engines. In addition to automatic bid management, reporting and invoicing, the solution provides flexible contract management to support different pricing models (CPC, CPA, revenue or profit-sharing) as well as advanced tracking/web analytics and mathematically-based algorithms for superior campaign optimisation.

The adX engineering team in China performed the Baidu integration. "It's our talented technical minds that help us continue to deliver an industry-leading search engine marketing solution that extends reach," said Osth. adX's solutions are based on a proprietary low-latency and powerful infrastructure, ensuring the easy addition of new search engines and up-to-date information.

adX Search AB is a leading provider of technology solutions for the increasingly complex global search marketing industry. The adX technology platform supports companies with a single gateway to search engines including Baidu, Bing, Eniro, Google, Kvasir and Yahoo! The adX concept is based on a proprietary technology platform together with a Search Centre offering industry expertise for service & support. Leading companies from a wide variety of industries around the world have chosen adX as their partner.

For more information, please contact

adX Search AB

Nicklas Osth
CEO & Chief Technology Officer
+46 18 67 75 71
+46 739 87 00 28
adX Search AB
Mikael A. Pettersson
Chairman & Co-founder
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