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jovoto Marks Entry into North America with More Than 2,000 New American Members within Month of US Launch (Businesswire) - 25 June 2010

jovoto Marks Entry into North America with More Than 2,000 New American Members within Month of US Launch

- Collective creative intelligence community expansion buoyed by increased US presence, increase in US competitions - logoNEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--jovoto, an online platform connecting brands with a collective creative intelligence community, has capped its expansion into North America by attracting more than 2,000 new registered American members in the month since its launch.

Using ‘collective creative intelligence’, its unique approach to crowdsourcing, jovoto has linked brands such as Starbucks, Unicef and Triple 8 with a vast community of creatives, providing ideas, design and insight. Since early April, jovoto has seen a notable increase in American web users who have visited, more than half of which have been new to the site, according to web analytics.

These jovoto visitors have come from all over the United States, led by New York, California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Washington. The company also reported increased usage from Canada (of which 57% were new visitors to the site), led by Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

In this time, over 2,000 new American members have joined the existing 10,000-strong jovoto community, offering concepts and feedback on projects like the Starbucks Betacup Challenge, in which members helped design a sustainable ‘beta’ cup for the coffee titan. Nearly 1,500 versions of 430 ideas were submitted for the competition, accompanied by over 18,000 combined comments and ratings. jovoto saw more than 430,000 views of the ideas throughout the challenge, whose winners were announced on June 17th.

The jovoto community also recently completed NYC’s Triple 8 ‘Design or Die’ challenge, creating prototypes for two of the action sports vendor’s helmet lines. jovoto community member Llereni Medina’s ‘Balloon Robot’ design was selected from more than 170 submissions by Triple 8’s stable of pros and retailers, and is moving into production. Standout contests from Germany and beyond include the ‘Tagline Turnover’ contest from global online payment merchant, PayPal, and other successful challenges issued by Greenpeace, Mom’s Healthy Secrets and UNICEF.

jovoto’s growth coincides with the opening of its New York City offices, helmed by Peter Ryder, president of jovoto’s, Americas operation. Ryder explained: “We’ve hit the ground running in the US, due to the vision of our founder combined with our experience, unique value proposition, and the market demand. Creatives, brand managers, business owners and marketers have instantly recognized the opportunity to collaborate, and competitions such as betacup, sponsored by household names have further fueled interest. In Europe we have worked with leading brands for years, and the expertise, proven value and sustainability of the jovoto business model is proven.”

Bastian Unterberg, founder and CEO of jovoto added, “Collaboration doesn’t have any boundaries and our existing members have supported their trans-Atlantic counterparts to create a truly international community and source of ideas. The opening of our New York offices was, of course, a key move in our expansion strategy to build truly global collective collaboration, and the increase in our membership shows that we are well on our way to achieving our goals. We couldn’t be happier with the momentum we’ve seen, and what ideas, achievements and innovation are yet to come from our growing community.”

About jovoto

jovoto is a unique online platform that delivers creative collective intelligence and builds on the concept of ‘crowdsourcing’. It establishes a sustainable partnership between brands that seek ideas and creative idea-driven individuals and communities.

jovoto’s vision is a new form of sourcing and working with creative talent to provide brands with great ideas, relevant insight and visibility, generated through social media. It is the only platform that provides a fair and collaborative environment for creatives and brands through the just treatment of property and patent rights, and democratic allocation of prize money through the promotion of community-based idea exchange.

The jovoto community of 10,000 agency-caliber creatives has delivered creative results to customers such as AirBerlin, Greenpeace, PayPal, Starbucks and UNICEF.

It was established in 2007 at the University of the Arts Berlin by Bastian Unterberg, and has European headquarters in Berlin and US headquarters in New York City.


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