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SMP » Press Releases Added to “Top 10” Commercial Websites for Seniors, Boomers and Grandparents (Businesswire) - 19 July 2010 Added to “Top 10” Commercial Websites for Seniors, Boomers and Grandparents

Young website ranks No. 2, behind AARP logoNEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE), the website acquired earlier this year by legendary rock manager Steve Leber and NY real estate developer Joseph Bernstein, announced today that the site has been ranked second to AARP among commercial websites for seniors, boomers and grandparents by, which is also one of the top 10 family websites for females 50+, continues to be the web’s premier destination for quality content on the relationship between grandparents and their families, especially their grandchildren.

Steve Leber, Chairman, said, “We are delighted to be at the top of this list with AARP. At, we recognize that today’s grandparents are young at heart, are active online, travel more than any other group, and are the largest and wealthiest group in the U.S. – 70 million strong, and in control of 75% of the country’s wealth. We are now putting new focus on grandparents’ lifestyles, health and financial concerns, social interaction with other grandparents, and their desire to spend on their families, particularly their grandchildren.”

Joseph Bernstein, CEO, added, “With an investment of $20 million since the launch of, the site has grown to over 850,000 unique monthly visitors and 350,000 subscribers to our biweekly newsletter. We will continue to grow by modeling our business after AARP, which was founded in 1947 and has the largest membership group in the nation, with 39 million subscribers. While AARP focuses on a broad range of national and local issues relevant to seniors, we will continue to complement AARP by focusing primarily on the relationship between grandparents and their families. Next month, we will launch the Great American Grandparents Association (GAGA) to offer annual memberships to our audience, so that our members will also benefit from group insurance programs, discounts and incentives provided by travel companies, financial institutions, credit card issuers, retailers, restaurants, and other marketers that provide special benefits to groups and members of associations.”

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