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iShareTunes Puts the “Play” in Playing Music

Servo Software, Inc. (Businesswire) - 13 July 2010

iShareTunes Puts the “Play” in Playing Music

Amidst Industry Upheaval, a Free iPhone App Offers a Playful Way to Find and Share Music

Users on the iPhone and iPad can:

  • Play music for friends via Twitter, Facebook, SMS and email
  • Explore and hear new music shared by others
  • Earn badges and ranks for showing good musical taste
  • Download it for free here:

Servo Software Inc logoSAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Clemson University senior Chris Beauchamp is launching iShareTunes 2.0, a quick and easy music sharing app for iPhone and iPad where you can share and play music with friends. Messages, badges and ranks add to the playful feeling of the app.

“Music is personal, but also social. We want to make playing music for your friends the most enjoyable way to discover music for yourself”

“Music is personal, but also social. We want to make playing music for your friends the most enjoyable way to discover music for yourself,” said Beauchamp, author of iShareTunes.

Apple, Google and Facebook are all validating a shift towards mobile, social and streaming music. Digital Rights Management is being abandoned in favor of all-you-can-eat music. In this world, the challenge shifts from buying music to sharing, discovering and enjoying music. Some exciting new players in this space include:

  • Rdio – a streaming and sharing service
  • Pandora – the music genome
  • – Twitter for music
  • – streaming playlists

iShareTunes 2.0 adds to this conversation by proposing that a more “playful” social approach can make sharing and discovering music more fun. iShareTunes is offered today for free download due to sponsorship by Servo Software, Inc.


iShareTunes in the iTunes App Store:

iShareTunes on Twitter:

iShareTunes on Facebook:

About Servo Software, Inc.

Servo Software, Inc. ( helps Smartphone users to share anything on their handsets, such as apps and music, with the people they choose. This creates new ways to discover content that their friends are using on their phones right now. The Servo service is being developed for the most popular Smartphones and deployed with major wireless service providers and device manufacturers. Based in Silicon Valley, Calif., Servo has global offices in China, Germany and Spain. Follow Servo on Twitter at @getservo and Facebook at

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