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GfK Retail and Technology?s new alumni community

GfK Retail (GfK Retail) - 07 October 2010

GfK Retail and Technology?s new alumni community


GfK Retail and Technology has been working with social media and virtual world technology company, HuzuTech, to create a branded social community for its former employees.

The new community will replace GfK RT?s existing alumni portal, broadening its scope to encourage interaction among current, as well as former employees, and to act as a recruitment channel for the division. Members will be able to keep in touch with each other through profile, messaging and chat services; open and join discussions; keep up with news from GfK, share content (such as photo galleries, blogs, videos and news); create and share calendars and organise events; network; take part in competitions; and - importantly - help GfK to recruit.

 The new community is due for launch this week.  

HuzuSocial lets companies create their own tailored social community ? whether internal or external communications ? at a fraction of the cost of building it themselves. Graeme Harvey, MD, HuzuTech says: ?For a company like GfK, there are enormous benefits from using a social community to share information between employees and to recruit new employees. It?s a sign of a good employer who is confident enough to actively encourage current, past and prospective employees to share their experiences of the company. It?s a real statement of how GfK values its employees. ?

 Natalie Pratt, GfK, says: ?Our alumni site has been enormously popular among former employees. We have around 200 members using the site today and we hope to see this rise with the introduction of the new platform. The time was right to step it up a notch with a social community that will let our members really interact with each other and with GfK.  The community can really see the value we place on our relationships with (former) employees and the GfK brand.?

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