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Gopher Seen as Key Tool to Internet Marketing for Local Businesses

Steve Vale (Gopher) - 24 November 2010

Gopher Seen as Key Tool to Internet Marketing for Local Businesses


Parnell, Auckland ---- As consumers get more and more impatient for instant access to information, the phonebook, print media, the radio and even television are steadily losing their market dominance for marketing dollars; online business directories like Gopher are taking over.

On top of this the internet’s power is being fuelled by the explosion in the popularity of digital devices – smartphones and iPad like devices – which mean that people can access information, interact and socialise from anywhere at any time.

Google chief executive Eric Schmidt says that the experience of reading news will move to digital devices quite rapidly – and that it will involve personalised and local news which will alert you to your interests and existing knowledge.

Online directories such as Gopher,are fast becoming the most common tool used by consumers to find product and service providers. They are a forum for consumers to easily find the information they are looking for, including location, contact details, products/services provided and testimonials.

The internet and digital devices mean your customers can shop from anywhere at any time. “Whencustomers want something – anything, from a plumber and business coach to graphic designers, gifts and restaurants – they have instant access to those services at any time of the day or night.” John Campbell, Gopher, “You cannot access the phone book or paper print directories instantly, neither can you access advertisements in magazines, newspapers, radio and television.”

This is leading many customers to online directories as there is a larger selection of good quality information in one place. Making it simple and easy for businesses to be found in a timely manner.

Listing with a quality online directory is the easiest and most cost effective way to promote your business online and Gopher is the fastest growing online business directory in New Zealand. Gopher was founded by two Dilworth graduates who wanted to see New Zealand Dollars benefit New Zealanders. After 3 years of trading Gopher is growing in leaps and bounds and aims to take other New Zealand businesses with them on the road to success. See their website for more information,

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