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Social Candy Announces Its Online Service For Creating and Managing Facebook Fan Pages For Businesses

Darin Kotalik (Social Candy, Inc.) - 23 March 2011

Social Candy Announces Its Online Service For Creating and Managing Facebook Fan Pages For Businesses

Healdsburg, CA ---- Social Candy, Inc. announces its online subscription service, enabling companies to personalize their Facebook Fan Pages with video, graphics, custom content, integrated product catalogs and special “Fan Only” Promotions through a unique Facebook-Friendly template system. Its flexible architecture and easy-to-use interface allows businesses of all skill levels to customize Facebook Fan Page and improve their social media marketing campaigns.

“We have listened to Facebook business users, and many of them don’t have the technical and financial resources to embrace the true power of Facebook’s growing online community,” expressed Mark Gordon, Social Candy’s founder and CEO. “Social Candy’s easy-to-use and intuitive experience allows businesses to use their current content from their website, including graphics, videos and integrated product catalogs, to extend their marketing on Facebook within minutes.”

Social Candy’s online service gives all types of business users the ability to create and manage their marketing messaging and customer interaction on Facebook without the need for expensive consultants or time consuming development. Using Social Candy’s “Fan Only” promotion, businesses can hide specific content that is only accessible to people who LIKE their page, providing incentives for people to become fans with special promotions, downloadable coupons and promo codes, and ultimately, grow the businesses Facebook followers.

The flexible architecture combined with the Facebook Friendly templates gives businesses the tools to easily manage their content on Facebook and sell their products and services directly through Facebook. Social Candy also makes the necessary technical adjustments that may be affected by Facebook weekly updates, eliminating the need for customers to worry about those changes.

“We are constantly monitoring Facebook product changes and how it will affect our customer’s Facebook marketing campaigns,” explains Matt Kirk, co founder and President. “Most recently, Facebook made dramatic changes to its architecture by eliminating support for FMBL and embracing iFrames. We made the necessary adjustments to Social Candy so our customers didn’t have to be concerned or pay expensive developers to fix the problem.”

About Social Candy, Inc.

Social Candy is dedicated to providing affordable, easy-to-use tools for businesses to improve their marketing campaigns on Facebook, removing the financial and technical barriers for businesses to promote their company, products and services on Facebook. Its flexible architecture gives business users the ability to quickly and easily create and manage Facebook Fan Pages as well as use specialty custom Facebook Promotions like sweepstakes and contests to improve awareness, grow Facebook fans and generate leads. Go to to sign up or try Social Candy for free. Also, visit us on Facebook at or contact us at 888-525-3653 to sign up today.