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WildTangent Launches Social Game Ad Platform in the UK with Campaign Firsts on Facebook by Cadbury and Namco Bandai

WildTangent (PR Newswire) - 31 March 2011

WildTangent Launches Social Game Ad Platform in the UK with Campaign Firsts on Facebook by Cadbury and Namco Bandai

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WildTangent is introducing its proprietary BrandBoost advertising platform in the UK with two innovative brand campaigns reaching social gamers playing top Facebook games. Cadbury and Namco Bandai are the first two brands to use the platform outside of North America.


Cadbury is leveraging BrandBoost to give social gamers valuable virtual goods in Cupcake Corner, Happy Aquarium and Mall World for free in return for engaging with a series of "Race Season" mini-games. Players are invited to play Cadbury's mini-games, and be rewarded with a free item "gift" from Cadbury--such as in-game desserts that players can serve to their cafe customers, making the player's engagement with Cadbury a uniquely positive experience.

Namco Bandai is promoting 'Dr Kawashima's Body And Brain Exercises' for Xbox Kinect across multiple top social games by rewarding players with in-game items when they watch a video ad about the Kinect game.

"We are always looking to combine innovation with effectiveness, and we've been delighted with how BrandBoost has performed," said Mary Bond, Head of Digital for Target Media, Namco Bandai's agency. "As well as being a UK media first, it reached the target audience en masse in an engaging Facebook environment."

WildTangent's BrandBoost platform enables brands to dynamically sponsor access to additional playing time or virtual goods that players would otherwise have to pay for. The platform also makes possible the dynamic delivery of branded virtual goods into social games on Facebook. BrandBoost supports 3rd party ad serving and reporting as well as creative formats ranging from long-form video to social engagement activities.

About WildTangent

WildTangent operates a games service that allows consumers around the world to access downloadable, online and social games through one convenient Games App. Fueled by our digital currency, WildCoins, and a proprietary ad platform, BrandBoost, the service delivers the most cost efficient way to play games. Consumers can rent games, purchase them or play for free courtesy of brand advertisers.

WildTangent also powers advertising for a growing portfolio of 3rd party game developers and publishers enabling brands to reach more than 100 million monthly players with scalable, engagement-based advertising that enhances gameplay for consumers. BrandBoost is available in top social games on Facebook, massively multiplayer games, and premium flash games. Partners include Digital Chocolate, Crowdstar, Playdom, Sony Online Entertainment and DreamWorks.

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