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Children’s Cancer Charity Use Social Media For Balloon Race, Internships And Much More

Meltem Kogelbauer (Monty’s Corner) - 23 June 2011

Children’s Cancer Charity Use Social Media For Balloon Race, Internships And Much More

Richmond, Surrey ---- Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are being thoroughly used by the worldwide Children’s Cancer Charity, Monty’s Corner, to promote and track the Yellow Heart Balloon Race, on 25th June 2011, set up a summer internship program and much more besides.


Monty’s Corner, which is the Community Support and Fundraising arm of CCE Research Alliance, has creatively used tweets and a Facebook fan page to build momentum during both the Ring of Yellow Heart event which culminates in the Balloon Race, at Marble Hill House, London.

This children’s cancer charity is reaching out to its Facebook fans and Twitter followers to grow the support for the event and get people out there watching out for the balloons, taking photos of the balloons and posting them on #twitpics

The charity balloon race is the culmination of the biggest support event of its kind-the Ring of Yellow Heart, which was when Monty’s yellow heart travelled around the world for 365 days. It was passed from child to child, forming a good luck ring, within and across countries.

The concept of the Yellow Heart event is to give encouragement and hope to children who are undergoing a journey of cancer treatment. It is not a fundraising or an awareness event; the aim is to form a ring of support of for these children around the world, sending out ripples of hope and encouragement.

The balloons will represent the various countries which took part and prizes will be awarded to the winner and two runners-up.

What’s especially interesting about this charity’s use of social media is that it is both creative and authentic. These two words are amongst some of the key elements which contribute to the success of social media use, for any organisation and especially for charities and non-profit organisations.

A recent tweet from Monty’s Corner appeals to anyone who may be flying in or out of London on the 25th June, in the afternoon, to look out and report any Monty’s balloons in the sky; a fun way to engage. Quite a few of their tweets have been re-tweeted. On Facebook, the charity’s Facebook fan page is suitably clean, colourful, informative and engaging.

Monty’s Corner knows how to engage its social media fans and there is little or no mention of donations. This means that people feel relaxed to become fans on Facebook or followers on Twitter. An event such as the Ring of Yellow Heart is perfect material for social media also, as it is something that asks to be followed as Monty’s Yellow Heart travels around the world.

Apart from the Yellow Heart and Balloon Race event, a research intern group has been formed this summer and all interns, from many different countries, found Monty’s Corner through Twitter. What a fantastic idea and great use of social media. This Children’s Cancer Charity is creating a perfect environment for sharing and engagement whilst being authentic, active and responsive.

You don’t need to donate to help. You can give encouragement and hope to children with cancer and their families, by following Monty’s Corner on Twitter or becoming a fan on Facebook.

Every year about 200,000 children are diagnosed with cancer. However as the incident rates are much lower than adults there is little or no funding for research from governments. Please support this worldwide charity in some small way and help make a difference; even just by tweeting!

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Monty’s Corner, is the Community Support and Fundraising arm of CCE Research Alliance.
CCE Research Alliance is a charity registered in England and Wales (registered charity number 1130106) to support epidemiological research and studies focusing on the causes of childhood cancers. We are an independent global non-for-profit organisation, headquarters being in the UK.

CCE Research Alliance’s research interests are:

- First time diagnosis
- Relapses
- Late effects

Registered Charity Number: 1130106
Contact : Dr. Meltem Kogelbauer, PhD

CCE Research Alliance - Childhood Cancer Prevention Research
Registered Office: Richmond CVS,
1 Princes Street