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Snapkeys to exhibit innovative technology with an imaginary interface

Maxime Seligman (Snapkeys) - 08 September 2011

Snapkeys to exhibit innovative technology with an imaginary interface

Snapkeys (, inventors and developers of the revolutionary Snapkeys 2i (imaginary interface) input technology for Smartphones, tablets and also remote devices, will be exhibiting at IBC (Hall 3, Booth 3.A15y) as part of the Israel Export Institute pavilion in Amsterdam on September 9-13, 2011.

The difficulties of using tiny keyboards on little screens and modern remote devices offers little comfort to users of modern music and video content and media technologies and devices. Snapkeys removes these traditional and common problems from the user’s experience and offers a simple, easy, quick, and comfortable input technology, called 2i, that opens a new world of possibilities:  quickly search content, chat online with ease, and interact on the move.

Snapkeys gets rid of the traditional QWERTY keyboard by introducing a revolutionary text/data entry input technology that enables users to type on just four invisible keys.  Each key contains a group of letters where the letters are grouped by shape – it is so easy to use, it’s like child’s play.

Studies have shown that Snapkeys 2i can be adopted in minutes because users are typing using the basic shapes they learned as a child. With the old and heavy keyboard off the screen, a whole new world of applications is possible.

Several applications reveal the innovation built upon the Snapkeys core technology of “typing by shape” and its imaginary interface (2i):

- Video Texting – You and several friends can watch the same content and be “together” by texting each other, even from your mobile, all over the world

- Remote Keyboard – Enter text easily and comfortably (even while blind typing) by turning your smartphone into a wireless keyboard for your

IPTV/Media Center Remote Device – Looking for a movie on your HD?  Perform a quick search from your mobile or remote device. Discover content easily and quickly by inputting your desired choice on your device.

- Music-On-Demand – While syncing with music databases like iTunes, Snapkeys allows you to find your favorite music track in straightforward and quick way - search and download music without hassle

Snapkeys, founded in 2008, is a patented technology that opens a new world of user experiences that will improve the way people input text and data, while providing significant product differentiation. The Snapkeys 4-key technology is the world’s only solution that frees the user of the space-hogging, traditional keyboard while removing the awkward, unworkable typing experience.

In addition Snapkeys can provide enhanced user experience and speed to a myriad of consumer, commercial and industrial verticals. Snapkeys is available on several popular operating systems in English as well as in major European and Asian languages.

Snapkeys, the world’s only look-up solution for TV remote device, IPTV and your mobile is easy and comfortable to use.