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First BAFTA win for Children's Virtual World Bin Weevils

Bin Weevils Limited (PR Newswire) - 07 December 2011

First BAFTA win for Children's Virtual World Bin Weevils

LONDON/PRNewswire/ ---- 400,000 kids vote to knock global players off the top spot 


The 2011 BAFTA Kids' Vote delivered a shock win for up-and-coming online children's universe as they beat global players Moshi Monsters and Disney's Club Penguin to the top spot. More than 400,000 children voted in the competition that named Bin Weevils the favourite website of the year among kids aged 7-14. 

The award caps off an impressive year for Bin Weevils, a year that included the launch of their first books and merchandise and saw the game triple its online userbase. Innovative and fresh, the site combines eye-catching, colourful graphics with dynamic social gameplay, educational elements, and a safe all-ages environment that appeals to children and parents alike. 

Over 1.6 million kids are visiting Bin Weevils every month, spending an average of 27 minutes per visit. Parents are impressed not only by the ethics of the site, but by the magic formula Bin Weevils has created for keeping kids entertained. 

James Stanners, Head of Production at Bin Weevils, is thrilled with the positive reviews. "Kids voted for us because we listen to them. We provide an experience tailored to their wants and needs, based on their feedback and on the ways in which they interact with the site," says Mr Stanners. "This is reflected in the amount of time they spend engaging with the Bin Weevils world and each other." 

The highly social aspect of the gameplay has perhaps been the strongest force in Bin Weevils' rapid growth: for every user that joins the site, five more children will make a visit purely on peer group recommendation. Users on the site can chat with their friends while playing games, exploring an ever-changing landscape and expressing themselves creatively by customizing their character and their world.

With such great endorsement, the Bin Weevils universe has become hot property among advertisers and content creators. There are three Bin Weevils books already on the market, with more currently in the works. A monthly magazine and a set of trading cards are on the way in 2012. Bin Weevils is ambitiously carving out a niche for itself amongst more established virtual worlds, and it's not showing any sign of slowing down. 

Source: Bin Weevils Limited