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Game Flexx Expands Game Development to Mobile Platforms

Mark Chang (Game Flexx) - 25 February 2012

Game Flexx Expands Game Development to Mobile Platforms

New York, NY  ---- Leading developer and global publisher of 2D/3D interactive games, Game Flexx announced the expansion of game development to the mobile game platforms. "There are currently 5.3 billion mobile subscribers around the globe. Smart phone penetration in countries like India and China are smaller now in the single digits but growing rapidly with plenty of growth left. Tablet computers jumped from 17 million shipments in 2010 to 55 million in 2011. Apple currently has 500,000 iPhone apps in their app store with Android Market listing 200,000 apps. Analysts predict that this number of subscribers and downloads will double in 2012". According to Mark Chang, of

"Mobile games are big business, portable tablets portable readers and smartphone as a gaming device is a trend that's just starting to hit its stride. With the U.S. mobile games market expected to make $8 billion this year, everyone from game developers to in-app marketers wants a piece of the action. Mobile gaming represents one of the fastest growing segments of the digital games market, and potential for future growth remains strong as more consumers are using smartphones for games of all types, including the increasingly popular mobile game apps". According to Mark Chang, of

"Game Flexx will engineer multiple features in our attempt to develop games on all mobile platforms. We ensure our efforts to add social networks, game achievements, and interactive obstacles that will keep gamers challenged. In our efforts to develop mobile games on multiple platforms we were included in the Top 25 Games game blog. Our games will also ensure the options to purchase several add-ons to increase the game play and just make the our games exciting to play" According to Ming Chow, of Game Flexx

Mark Chang, of explains the huge impact on mobile games "The surge in spending on games for mobile devices is taking a toll on the amount of money spent on physical games, though not dramatically, reported NPD game blog. Among those gamers who bought a social mobile games over the past three months, 60 percent said they're spending the same amount of money on console and portable games, but 40 percent said they're spending less on physical games."

"Already, most of the top grossing games on iTunes and Android can be downloaded for free and generate the majority of their revenues via virtual purchases. While mobile players are often characterized as 'casual gamers,' they spend a comparable amount of money on free-to-play titles as their peers spend on online games. Among tablet owners, 71 percent of adults and 79 percent of teens use the device to play games at least one hour per month. Gamers already spend $29 per month on Facebook games, and $21 per month on free-to-play games on each game blog- on purchases of virtual goods and in-game upgrades." According to Mark Chang, of

About Game Flexx:

Game Flexx is a leading developer and global publisher of 2D/3D interactive games. Based in New York, New York the company was formed in 2000 by gamers to create cool interactive games to play across multiple platforms. Game Flexx has an expert team of game designers, visualization artists, animators, programmers and audio engineers that develop 2D/3D interactive games. For more information, visit

Ming Chow, Director of Marketing
Game Flexx, LLC - 2D/3D Interactive Games

Mark Chang, Director of Marketing
25 Top Games - Top 25 Game Blog