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Quiterian Integrates Social Media Data Analysis into Their Customer Analytics Solution

Quiterian (Businesswire) - 17 February 2012

Quiterian Integrates Social Media Data Analysis into Their Customer Analytics Solution

The European software developer helps organizations obtain predictive insights by integrating social media data with information from Web, CRM, ERP, campaigns, emailing.

MIAMI--()--Quiterian, the leading European developer of Advanced and Predictive Analytics software for business and non-technical users, announced their Customer Analytics Solution, providing consumer behavior knowledge, now integrates data from social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) at record-breaking speeds. This offers marketers the ability to analyze in depth a wider range of data from internal and external sources in order to obtain predictive insights into the preferences, sentiments and behavior patterns of their buyers.

“Divide & Conquer: Using Predictive Analytics to Segment, Target & Optimize Marketing”

Quiterian Analytics, self-service and agile platform integrating data from multiple sources (social media, Web, CRM, ERP, campaigns, emailing), enables non-expert users to make faster and better decisions based on consumer behavior knowledge. Through their Advanced and Predictive Analytics techniques in Customer Analytics Solution, marketing analysts with no technical training identify patterns and profiles of the most profitable customers, perform smart segmentations and execute automated marketing campaigns with customized offers, all with total independence from IT department personnel.

The 2012 Aberdeen Group research report “Divide & Conquer: Using Predictive Analytics to Segment, Target & Optimize Marketing”, reports the strategy most commonly used in the marketing departments of leading organizations is to improve the targeting of their marketing offers, requiring smarter segmentations for better customer profiles anddeeper understanding of the offers´ targets.

The Aberdeen report indicates that companies are increasingly oriented towards improving customer experience using Predictive Analysis not only on their behavior and transactional data but also on social media feeds.

“We are pleased that Quiterian Analytics meets the best-in-class criteria for Customer Analytics solutions as described in the Aberdeen report,” stated Josep Arroyo, CEO of Quiterian.

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Quiterian Analytics software adds the power of Advanced and Predictive Analytics to the natural intuitiveness of the human mind, by analyzing and integrating large volumes of raw data at record-breaking speeds in their maximum granularity with no restrictions, no matter their origin. Quiterian provides solutions in all areas, especially in Marketing and Customer Analytics, to public institutions and leading companies of different sectors around the world.


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